Friday, November 04, 2005

It’s Friday

Time for a meme. Instead of borrowing from somewhere else, I’m posting the questions and answers from last week’s personality quiz along with some comments. Correct answers are in bold. If you haven’t already taken the quiz, try it now and then see what you missed.

Where does Grant live (roughly speaking)?
Canada, beautiful land of moose and hockey and substandard beer.
New York City, the center of the universe.
Ork. (No, I’m not secretly Robbin Williams.)
Most perfect Atlanta. (Actually a suburb. You should have guessed this one just because of the answer.)

Grant’s ideal job, the one he is striving for, is?
Corporate drone in a cube farm. (This is where I currently do my time.)
Firefighter. (I tested for this and received high marks – written and physical – but had been ensnared by Corporate America before an opening found me.)
Underappreciated but moderately paid novelist. (This should have been fairly obvious.)
Catholic priest. (Sorry, I have no desire to stuff an altar boy.)

What, in accordance with prophecy, will one day rule the Earth?
Giant Atomic Chickens. (Natch.)
Satanic Robot Monkeys. (Inside joke with a blogpal.)
Zorzan Vanilla Evil. (Two of my nicknames.)
Cheese. (Yummy, but no.)

Grant’s favorite form of music is?
Country. (My least favorite.)
Punk. (I started here in junior high, but gradually switched to metal by my late teens. I still listen to some punk.)

What is Grant’s professed religion/ethos?
Mormon. (One of my former religions when I was in my early teens.)
Lapsed Agnostic. (There’s no such thing.)
Unbeliever. (In addition to the other posts, this one was listed on the All About Grant page.)
Satan Worship. (The one I think everybody chose, based more on my personality and sense of humor than me actually worshipping the devil, or anybody else.)

Who is the love of Grant’s life?
Joan Severance. (The actress currently #1 on my Who To Sleep With list.)
Ninja Bunny Dentist. (If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I have a mild fatal obsession with her.)
The iPod Princess. (Former fancy.)

Which of the following does Grant find disgusting?
Asian women. (Hottie.)
Beer. (Boozy.)
Cannibalism. (Yummie.)
Fast food. (Bleah!)

To whom has Grant personally apologized?
The President of the United States. (Yeah, right.)
The Dalai Lama. (As if.)
A monkey. (This one was listed on the All About Grant page.)
France. (Not going to happen.)

For whom did Grant vote during the last presidential election?
President Bush.
Senator Kerry.
Dave Barry.
Governor Schwartzenegger. (He’s my second choice.)

What weapon (patent pending) did Grant invent?
The FlameSaw. (That’s my baby.)
The Wing Dang Doodle. (This is my proposed name for a hot wing restaurant.)
The Shooting Poodle Lymph-Knocker. (Just made that up. Feel free to use it.)
Atomic Land Torpedoes. (Dave Barry invented this concept for dealing with slow drivers in the fast lane.)


sands of time said...

Wow i didnt know i knew you that well.the only one of them i didnt know was who you voted for in the last election.

Bob W. said...

In life it always good to have diversity.

That you have my friend.