Friday, August 06, 2004


I have an idea that will make millions of dollars, but I need somebody with a little engineering skill to create it. It's called the Flamesaw. Anybody who knows anything about me knows my favorite recreational items are the flame-thrower and the chainsaw, so naturally I wondered how to combine the two.

I envision your standard two-stroke chainsaw with a couple of subtle changes: 1) a fuel tank strapped to your back, feeding both the engine and the 2) gas jets which will replace every other blade. Now it will be blade, burner, blade, burner (or to your victims - cut, cauterize, cut, cauterize). We need to jump on this one people. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and I don't want to look like a dufus. At least, not an unarmed dufus.

BTW, if you're wondering how this will make us millions of dollars, I propose the following: 1) build the Flamesaw, 2) patent the Flamesaw, 3) approach a wealthy entrepreneur, and 4) inform him that if he does not give us millions of dollars we will cut/burn him to the ground.

Ha ha evil cackle glee, out

P.S. While typing this, I inadvertently spelled "Engineering" as "Enginerring." I think I just created a new Dilbertism.

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