Friday, September 30, 2005


Tagged by Ava. I’m supposed to blog five celebrities that I would sleep with and would be ashamed to admit publicly. I thought about this, and then it occurred to me: I’m a guy. The only way I would be ashamed to admit I want to sleep with somebody is if she was either a) currently dead, b) a guy, or c) some skank like Paris Hilton. None of those apply, so I guess I’ll just have to post my top five and leave it up to you (women) to decide if I should be ashamed of my self. Note – one odd thing I noticed about my current top five is that they are all older than me since Alexis Bledel and Alyson Hannigan didn’t make the top five cut. Also Note – I wouldn’t take the entire list for Ninja Bunny Dentist.

Number Five: Jodi Foster


Jodi is my first crush. I fell in love when I saw her in Candleshoe – she was fifteen, I was eight – and she’ll be relieved to know I’ll still do her today. I drooled over her through my pre-teen years, and then I met…

Number Four: Jennifer Jason-Leigh


While all the other guys were smashing the bishop while watching Phoebe Cates step out of the pool, I was falling in love with Stacy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She was just as pretty but more shy and vulnerable. Of the two, she seemed like the hot chick that might actually speak to you.

Number Three: Catherine Bell


I have to admit, I’ve never seen her act. I’ve only seen pictures of her, but I think she’s the hottest pinup model in the business.

Number Two: Lauren Graham


She’s the funny, sassy, and cute mommy on Gilmore Girls. If you want to see her in a more risqué role, you can see her ride dumpster monkey Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. I wonder if they made her do that scene for her screen test.

Number One: Joan Severance


I’ve seen her in a lot of roles, but she’s at her best when she’s at her worst. The ultimate femme fatale, she looks best in black with the short, dark locks framing her icy face. She looks like the type of woman who would throw you in bed, ride you like a mustang, and then slit your throat just to watch the blood soak into the sheets. You have to respect that.

And finally, just because I’ve been meaning to post this, below is a nice picture I once took at Gulf World in Florida.


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