Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Until our estrangement, my Thanksgivings were spent with family and traditional holiday victuals - tasty food eaten in the presence of people who all hate each other. After I cut them out of my life, my new tradition was to get insanely busy at work during the week before the break, then suddenly find myself alone on Thursday going through the pantry foraging for scraps. One year I had nothing but a package of ramen noodles and a can of beans (I don't remember what kind, but it was one of the less popular beans like limas or something). This time was different.

Wednesday afternoon I went home, rested, then played video games and drank beer.

Thursday I had a hangover and spent most of the day unconscious. I remembered to go to the grocery this week, so I had a Boston Market turkey meal midday.

Friday I cleaned the apartment, then a friend who is undergoing a divorce and is currently living in his camper came over for the weekend. We ate yakitori for dinner, served to us by a hot Japanese woman.

Example of a hot Japanese woman

We cooked on Saturday and Sunday in between watching movies. He made cornbread and Brunswick stew which we ate with beans, slaw, and Kira bbq pork (I needed a nap after all that). For dinner, we had Japanese-style potato salad, another Kurihara side dish (rice and green peas - easy and yummy), and sauteed asparagus. For Sunday brunch I made nikujaga, a Japanese style beef potato stew. It was good, but not great. I doubt I'll bother with it again.

As an added gift, on Saturday I received an e-mail notification from Discover indicating they received my bankruptcy info from the court and have now canceled my account. It won't be official for another seven months, but that's about $10k of medical debt now off me. Plus which, while making the nikujaga I realized a) I've gotten better and cooking and b) I no longer hate doing it. Ironically, now that I can afford to eat out, I'm motivated to stay home and cook more. So, less debt, great movies, began a new anime series (make sure young children are present before clicking that link), enjoyable company, and my refrigerator is now filled with food, none of which is made of turkey or pie.

Best Thanksgiving ever.


Captain Dumbass said...

Jeez, all I had was enchiladas. Could've invited me over.

Jay said...

That's a pretty awesome Thanksgiving weekend. I've had a few like the ones you described back in the day too. I spent a couple just ordering pizza and sitting around watching football. And there was the one I spent in a strip club. That one wasn't so bad. ;-)

Avitable said...

That does sound nice. I think I'll try that next year.

SJ said...

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving day!

Kira said...

It's funny to me how much I (think?) I've influenced your cooking at home. There you are, eating the frozen pork bbq I left you, doing my asparagus recipe, using decent cooking tools that I recommended to you (or gave you) so that you don't hate actually cooking. My work is done. I think I can go keel over now ;)

Robin said...

my thanksgiving is always boring and i like it that way. totally dull and uneventful.

ps. I saw Suicide Club, wtf?

Tracy Lynn said...

Well done you.

Grant said...

Captain Dumbass - enchiladas! That's what I really wanted.

Jay - it would be great if I could lounge around in my underwear ordering pizza in a strip club.

Avitable - you can come to my place next year.

SJ - it's our way of celebrating how we made life better for the Native Americans.

Kira - your work is done. Go play Dragon Age until you are ready to re-emerge next year.

Robin - my regular life is already dull, so it's nice to have company and entertainment for a change. Suicide Club was awesome, although it needed a lesbian sex scene between a few of the high school girls.

Tracy Lynn - hopefully I can repeat for xmas.