Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Bunny Style

And the winner of the celebrity crush bunny-off is: Sora Aoi, age 26.


Votes received: 2. Number of commenters who didn't vote: 3. Number of votes for Sora once I used my executive power and decided a non-vote was a vote for her: 5. Yay - she wins!

She's extremely cute, especially when doing such mundane stuff as eating.


As an added bonus, having sex with her would be the legal way to become a pedophile since everyone insists she looks 12. (note to self - scope out the 12yo's in their region since the ones around here do not look like busty Japanese models) I have no desire to become a pedophile, but now that I'm through being sick and broke I may need a new hobby. Besides, she looks great in a schoolgirl outfit.


Last picture courtesy of this NSFW blog dedicated to her.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad the native Americans were subjugated so we can now enjoy a couple of days off to overeat and buy crap we don't need. Note - my employer doesn't pay us for holidays, so I have to use vacation time, but I'm still glad to stay home for a few days.


Martini said...

So is that the Bunny you "had" for Thanksgiving?

Neath said...

She indeed very cute. With picture one, however, the only thought in my head was "Stupid bikini top...."
Great shots of her just the same.

Ace said...

I read back on your credit filings. I am glad that you went for it with bankruptcy. And thrilled you qualified for the quickie end it all option. A quickie always hits the spot!!! LMAO!!

Okay not really LMAO!! I helped out a couple friends today. One in the hospital for a possible heart attack and another who desperately needed a baby sitter. I am too wiped out to LMAO!!

Prata said...

I know a girl that looks like in 40 years old (literally) looks 16...awesome,^_^

Happy murder, rape, pillage, introduce-to-alcohol, cheat-out-of-land, infect-with-smallpox Day!

I'm late, but I worked that day and I just woke up.

Ricardo said...

I have a couple of breasts and thighs please.

Grant said...

Martini - that's the one I want for xmas.

Neath - follow the link at the bottom of the post if you want to see her without the stupid bikini top.

Ace - with the current laws, we have very little protection from medical debt. Hopefully they will fix that one some day.

Prata - if she's Japanese, I'll take her.

Ricardo - she has enough boobage to go around.