Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why Asia is cooler than your continent, reason #23865

Condom Santa Claus.

Also, another credit card has canceled my account due to filing for bankruptcy. That's another $10k+ of debt gone.


dr.alistair said...

we going to have to nuke thailand now too?

Whitemist said...

Well it does look like you are on the right track credit wise anyway.
The condom Santa will know who is naughty cause they won't use any of his "supplies"! World Aids awareness day is today and it is an extremely appropriate post Grant, wait, did I just call you appropriate - must be something more wrong with me!

Robin said...


Ace said...

The condom santa was over the top GROSS!!!! Good find.

I love your honesty with the bankruptcy. Keep us up to date on your "fun"

Grant said...

dr.alistair - but Condom Claus is a good thing.

Whitemist - I thought all of my posts were timely and appropriate.

Robin - yeah, Asia is cool.

Ace - it would have been worse if it was Used Condom Santa. And hopefully the bankruptcy stuff will actually help someone. I know I've learned a lot since this all began.