Thursday, October 01, 2009

Memus Interruptus, part deus

Japanese Potato Salad: the recipe is by Harumi Kurihara, the typing and some notes are from Kira, but I take credit for tasting it and determining that it is awesome. Most Japanese that I've met have a knee-jerk reaction that everything Japanese is superior to everything else, but in this case I agree with them. Not so much on their porn.


1 ½ lbs large potatoes
½ lb large carrots
1 tsp granulated chicken stock powder
2/3 cup cucumber
½ tsp salt
1/3 cup onion
1 cup mayonnaise (we used Japanese mayo, good luck finding that, rednecks, neener neener neener)
salt and coarsely ground pepper
optional: sliced hard boiled egg


1.) Wash the potatoes and carrots but do not peel (note: peeling after cooking is a pain in the butt, and only you can determine if it’s necessary)

2.) Place in a hot steamer and cook for about 25 min. over medium heat, taking care to top up the water from time to time as needed. Prick the vegetables with a toothpick or skewer to see if cooked and remove when done

3.) Peel the potatoes and carrots while hot, and then transfer the potatoes to a bowl and roughly break up (I actually cut them :P). Mix in the chicken stock powder and leave to cool. Chop the carrots in half lengthways and slice into 1/5-inch-thick semicircular pieces. You can make quarter-button shapes by chopping the halved carrot again lengthways before slicing.

4.) Cut the cucumber in half lengthways and, using a spoon, remove the seeds. (we just used seedless, although I can't find fresh Japanese cucumbers on the East coast - G) Cut each half again lengthways and then slice into 1/5-inch-thick pieces. In a separate bowl, sprinkle salt over the cucumber and leave for about 2-3 min. to soften, then squeeze to remove excess liquid. Cut the onion in half, slice and soak in water to remove any bitterness, then drain and pat dry (I skipped the rinsing step here because I used a sweet onion—I didn’t think it was necessary to rinse it)

5.) When the potato is cool, add the carrots, cucumber, and onions and lightly mix. Stir in the mayo, salt, and pepper, and serve.

I used a biscuit cutter to mold the potato salad into cylinders (Harumi shapes them like this to add to the presentation - G) and put a slice of the hard-boiled egg on top to look pretty (the egg also compliments the flavor - G), but somebody could just as easily throw it all in a bowl and even just put the sliced egg on top at that point if they wanted the egg, yet also wanted to avoid having to mold the potato salad into cylinders.

PS - easy, quick, and if you really want me to risk having a shart attack on the open road while attempting to visit you, you will have this waiting as my reward.


Jay said...

You don't think I could find Japanese Mayo here in Redneckville? My local Wal-Marts has a whole shelf of Asian Foods!

I'm not really a potato salad guy, but this looks like it might be pretty good. If somebody makes it for me I'll try it.

SJ said...

This post is too long and lacking in bunny pics.

Grant said...

Jay - actually, it's surprising what they carry. I had to check with Kira to see what she could get locally. They carried some esoteric ingredients, but lacked some of the most commonplace ones.

SJ - in theory, if you make the J-potato salad, it will draw the bunnies to you.

April said...

MMmmmm, this sounds delicious and I am going to try it sometime soon.

April said...

And Jay totally sounded like a redneck with adding an "s" to the end of Mart. Wal-Marts! HAHAHA!

Grant said...

April - it was awesome, but I made the mistake of freezing half which completely ruined it - the mayo separated and the potatoes turned leathery.

And living in Atlanta, the epitome of Western culture, allows me to laugh at all of you rednecks and the funny way y'all talk.