Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday - bleah

I’m still tired and my brain is operating in power-saving mode, so I stole this meme from Greenjello. There was a sixth question, but it didn’t match the 5 Things theme of the meme, and besides I generally lose interest when they go over five questions.

Five things on tomorrow's to-do list:
Go home for a nap for lunch.
Then eat Japanese food on the way back to work.
See Transporter 3 in the theatre.
Drink beer at Hooters.
Watch Hakaida.

Five snacks I enjoy:
Popcorn! (my dentist wants me to stop, but I have priorities)
Chuka wakame.
Beef jerky (especially teriyaki).
Japanese hotties.

Teeny Bikini Bunny!

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Pay off all debts (the hospital still owns me).
Buy a new car.
Buy a new computer.
Buy a new TV.
Buy a Japanese girlfriend.

Ultra-mega Hot Bunny!

(and her twin sister. that’s right – Ebi-chan has a twin)

Five places I have lived:
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Gelnhausen, Germany
Various tents in the sand, Saudi Arabia / Iraq / Kuwait
Atlanta, Georgia, USA (the most awesomest place in the world despite the paucity of hot J-bunnies)


Five jobs I have had:
Busboy at a steakhouse
Various fast-food jobs (including McDonalds, Wendys, and Subway)
Kmart shoe salesman
US Army Infantry (aka legal professional killer)Professional Author (I count the six bucks I made selling a story to Hadrosaur Tales, even though the check bounced and cost me $20 in banking fees)


Crys said...

i'd like to read that story, sir.

SJ said...

Did you happen to mention things Japanese? Nah why would you!

Joe said...

So you wouldn't start a J-bunny import business with your million dollars? I think you're missing an opportunity there, Grant.

Kira said...

You got me hooked on that damn pocky, too. Screw you. Especially bad--liking that dark chocolate pocky that I can't get anywhere at all except maybe the Tomato Store near you. I can find some of the other ones at World Market at least. Waaah!

tiff said...

Well, I see that there ARE rules for this meme-ing thing. Who knew?

Forgive my monster meme of today. From now on, they're short and sweet, just for you.

Grant said...

crys - ironically, it's my least favorite, so naturally it was accepted by the magazine with the most circulation.

sj - you'll never find anything remotely Japanese around here.

joe - you're right, I should start an all-girl Japanese boarding school in the art of underaged sluttery in my apartment.

kira - I'll trade you some for an Asian schoolgirl.

tiff - of course there are rules on Internet posting. We can't just be allowed to post anything all willy-nilly.

Anonymous said...

Come get me on your way to Hooters.

Monogram Queen said...

Wednesday -bleah.

I'm tardy to the party.

You were a busboy? Oh what tales you must tell......

Grant said...

jgrrl - unfortunately they never have Asian waitresses. Typical Asians don't meet the desired boobage for the job.

mq - out of all those jobs you think busboy is the exciting one?