Monday, December 08, 2008

Because I'm tired and have nothing to say

Mute Monday (sorta)

Evangelion Bunny!

Despite the fact that she's a warrior who brandishes what can best be called the Tuning Fork from Hell, the images on the box and the web show her positioned in sexy and demure poses, not in battle mode.

Evangelion Bunny!

Evangelion Bunny!

Evangelion Bunny!

Typical Japanese crossover material. Their horror movies can substitute for porn, as can many of their anime battle shows.


Joe said...

I think she's trying to entice you.

Crys said...

oh i KNOW she's trying to entice him.

Grant, have i asked you already whether you've seen ju-on?

Tracy Lynn said...

And that, my friends, is why I got him that sex toy.

Jay said...

I love Japan!

Monogram Queen said...

She doesn't look very fierce to me!

Grant said...

joe - obviously. I wonder if you can marry an anime doll?

crys - you haven't but I have.

tracy - she's flexible and breaking in nicely.

jay - you keep the men, I'll take the women.

mq - she slays angels, so she's totally my type.

Sheen V said...

NGE - my fav! And she's hot, too!