Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alpha Meme

I saw this on Patti’s site, but I didn’t like the questions so I made up my own. Feel free to do the same. Or use mine. Or use hers. Or don’t bother.

Aardvark or Anteater? Asian hottie.

Booze? Currently slacking off beer and bourbon due to illness, but I plan to recover. As Odin is my witness, I will get hammered again!
Canada or Cancun? I hate the heat. Besides, Canada has plenty of Asian hotties and all the moose you can eat.
Daredevil, Das Boot, or Dogma? All rule, but most days I’ll take Dogma. Jay and Silent Bob are my role models.
Effin favorite swear word? Feck. PBS doesn’t even censor it.
Favorite farty food? Loaded baked potato with sour cream, onions, bacon bits, chili, and cheese. I can drop cattle at a hundred paces after one of those.
Grant is Great! Fuck yeah!
Howitzer or Hand Grenade? Flamesaw™.
India, Indiana, or Indochina? They’re all in the same country (New South Wales), so what’s the difference?
Japanese hottie?

Killing spree? Big time if I don’t get my tea.
Lard or Lima Beans? I’ve got a good recipe that involves both if anyone is interested.
Meme? They’re boring, so I’ll pass.
Nork? Kwume-flurker on the high zorbie.
O? Yeah.
Punchline? “Hey – I thought you said there wuzn’t gonna be no killin’!” Say it loudly next to a total stranger in the bank for maximum impact.
Quixotic? Often (look it up).
Rew or Roo Roo? Ha ha – both jokes are funny.
Satan? Yes, please.
Tea? Fuckin’ A – my favorite is the Mandarin Orange / Sencha, but they’re out of stock. Bastards! See K above. Wait, they’ve got some now. Killing spree over.
Umezono’s web site? Here.
Vat vill you eat there for lunch? Gyoza.
Will the hot sushi chef you love but hates all gai-jin be there? Yup.
X? Does anybody really need this letter?
Y? Not.
Zounds! or Zarking Fardwarks!? Depends on the situation.


Monogram Queen said...

Wow you are one talented dude. What a twist on my boring old me~me!

I LOVE Jay & Silent Bob too. I'd have sex with Jason Mewes even if he is a crack/meth head. He's just somehow hot!

SJ said...

You got the "I" right! Congrats!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm stealing this.

Jay and SB are HILARIOUS.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I knew you would soon come around to worshipping Odin. He really is more badass than Satan.

Joe said...

Sorry. Did you mention something about Japanese hotties? That's so unlike you.

Kerry said...

I say Cancun. TAKE an Asian chick with you :)

and dayuummmm!!! That Japanese hottie is a hottie! ;)

Grant said...

mq - have you ever tried to dress Stacy up as Jay?

sj - geometry was always my best subject.

pq - turn yourself in to be arrested.

enemy - Satan still has both of his eyes. Besides, I'm considering a switch to Ahura-mazda.

joe - sorry, I got off on a tangent.

kerry - now you know what to get me for xmas - Ebi-chan.

metalmom said...

Ha! I'm gonna try that "favorite punchline"! Would you bail me out?

Grant said...

metalmom - can I just break you out and save money?