Friday, August 01, 2008

Late Friday Bitchiness

The stitches came out yesterday so I have no further procedures planned - just months and months of recovery (the surgeon says it will take 6 - 12 months for the scar to smooth). I had planned to be witty today, but I barely have the energy to manage coherent. After a weekend of sleeping and possibly watching Hellboy ver 2.0 I'll be back on Monday and hopefully I'll do better.

I've always felt you can judge a company's beneficence by how they handle the cafeteria. You probably work for a decent employer if they make tasty and nutritious food available at a reasonable price. If they know you are a captive audience because they make it difficult for you to leave your cubicle for lunch and then use that leverage to force you to either starve or eat overpriced CRAP, then you work for the type of employer who will harvest your spleen and sell it on the black market as soon as they figure out how to outsource the surgery to Yemen and have it done online. Guess which one I work for?

Anyway, because this is Atlanta, our many vending machines are filled with Coke products, but if you want anything else you have to go to the caf and get it from the 1 (one) open air cooler and pay extra. A 20 oz soda and bag of chips costs $2.15 from the vending machines and $2.59 in the caf. A soda and a single slice of pizza worse than cheap frozen brands like Tombstone or Red Baron runs over $5. You can get a full meat and two sides plus bread and drink meal for $7 and up, but I've smelled them and my recommendation is, for both convenience and health, just kill yourself.

Fortunately, work is slow enough that I can escape and eat some real food at a real restaurant. My favorite Japanese waitress is pregnant and this is her last month, so it's my last chance to tip her well in the hopes she'll be able to get by without working. She's going to the same hospital as the one I escaped, so god / buddha / allah / vishnu / Ares help her. There is a new hot waitress there (she looks Thai), hopefully un-married/knocked up, so if the Chinese waitress thing falls through I'll have a backup plan on standby. Put in a good word for me with whatever deity you currently hold in favor. If I fail yet again, I will blame you completely.


Crys said...

so correct me if i'm wrong, you dig Asian women? it's because i'm psychic, i can sense things

tiff said...

Grant, congratulations on the whole 'done' thing...and really? You've been WORKING through this? Damn.

he company I started working for about 7 months ago has a wee little cafeteria that turns out really good food at really reasonable prices. The place i worked before that had several vending machines and some catered stuff brought in for outrageous prices.

Guess which job I like better. Go on, guess.

And have a swell weekend.

SJ said...

Cafeteria food is awful at my current job...but better than any of my previous jobs. I think by the time I retire I might actually get something edible.

And good luck with the recovery.

metalmom said...

Good news about the stitches. Couldn't you find an asian doctor or nurse? How very odd....

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm working on it. But why are you working? The deity can only do so much if you are out there mangling the plan!

Grant said...

crys - I only love them all on sight - no big deal.

tiff - hope your weekend swelled as well.

sj - load up on powdered creamer and sugar and you can make your own meals.

metalmom - locally they seem to have all gone into dentistry.

enemy - I need money. Get a Japanese kami who isn't afraid of work.

Monogram Queen said...

Wow you were kinda bitchy but you are entitled after all you'v been through lately!