Friday, May 06, 2011

You Suck

My across the way cube neighbor is awesome. He shouts "I say fleeber, you say pleeber!" then shouts "Fleeber!" and I respond "Pleeber!" and then we while away a few hours. Today I decided to kick things off and said "I say snickle, you say frickle - snickle!" but instead of "Frickle!" he responded by whimpering and crawling under his desk. Now he refuses to come out and is living off the Lifesavers and warm Coke Zeroes he has stored. I entered a liquid paper trance and sought assistance from my spirit guide, an armored kangaroo I call Captain Boingy, and he said the proper apology should involve a wooden ruler, three used napkins, four aspirin, and a staple remover, but he didn't say how to employ them and I can't reenter the spirit realm because I'm out of liquid paper. Suggestions?

Yet another "too long for Formspring" post.


tiff said...

peanut butter crackers, obvs

Robin said...

You lost me on Pleeber.