Monday, May 09, 2011

Post 1,500

I was planning something special for post #1,500, but since I hardly ever get comments these days anyway I decided to say screw it and post more bunny. I especially chose this one for her ability to make American women feel fat and old. Please meet 25yo South Korean race queen Han Ga-Eun.

As per usual, click to embiggen.


Anonymous said...

I'd answer the question you asked about this topic, but I don't really know that many. Can she be my answer? Damn.

Jay said...

She makes me feel all funny down there in my happy place.

tiff said...

race queen? Like, DRAG race? Because that's a man, baby!

Pearl said...

Asian women are ruining our clothing size standards.

Also, she's gonna have some strange creases in her face, anyone can see that.

And -- and -- and -- there's more, I'm sure.



Avitable said...

Listen to you whining about comments. 1500 posts is good, but I think it's all downhill from here.