Friday, November 19, 2010

No such animal

South Korea is blasting its own K-pop girl bands for being too sexy. Part of the issue is that Korea forbids using girls under 15 as sex symbols which conflicts with the Japanese maxim "younger is sexier" (current age of J-consent = 13). Naturally, in a country filled with women who the rest of the world think look like preteens when they're in their thirties, they have to sexualize the actual preteens (ref Saaya Irie, who began her entertainment career as a singer and 11yo bikini model).

And so I managed to work pedophilia into a quick Friday post. We'll see if this is still a comment magnet or if you've already gotten too bored to maintain your indignation.


Avitable said...

My indignation is giving me heartburn.

tiff said...

I, for one, am simply nauseated with indignation.

Or is that the wasabi peas talking?

Lady Tragic said...

I'm often confused by the Japanese. I'm not sure if they're serious or if they're the longest most thorough performance art piece in history. I love the food though, and the kawaii stuff owns my soul. I don't get the teeny-bopper sex symbol thing either but I'm a gramma and I got carded for smokes the other day. I wanted to kiss the cashier but I'm sure she'd have been utterly scandalized.

Lady Tragic said...

Side note: I forgot to tell you, a few weeks ago my city got its first bunny brothel.. Apparently it's putting the regular escorts up here almost out of business. The girls are all university age (so they're legal, thank goodness!) and they're all utterly adorable! There's not enough jobs here and we have a huge Asian population because we're a university city, they decided to create a few jobs I guess, annnnd.... *shrugs* they seem happy and nobody has gotten hurt yet :-)

Grant said...

Avitable - try a mix of pepto bismol and ennui.

tiff - just wash the wasabi down with raw fish.

Lady Tragic - my city could definitely benefit from several bunny brothels. I hear it's common to see signs for "Asian massages" near rest stops when you travel, so I might have to try one of those.