Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo Blog

For a long time, I wanted to share some old photos I had from my pre-digital days, but I never owned a scanner. Then I bought a new printer with built-in scanner and I forgot that I wanted to scan my old photos. While scanning the latest batch of medical bills to e-mail to my lawyer*, I remembered and went to collect the old photos. Unfortunately they were in my briefcase which has now been converted to the bankruptcy paperwork storage bin and I couldn't find them. Finally, I did a full search and discovered they were in the coffin. Since a lot of you are traveling and on holiday with family this week, I'll save the ultra macho soldier pics until next week. For now, here are two from the pile of photos I have saved (click to embiggen).

This is a really nice shot of a dolphin I took in the 80's (if you look closely, you'll notice that it has poofy hair and leg warmers):

And this is the contents of a typical soldier's refrigerator in Germany, away from family and the fundie-inspired liquor laws of the US:

* It's been a year since I filed for bankruptcy and, yes, the rotten hospital is still trying to collect


Avitable said...

Ooh, I want to see soldier pictures.

Pearl said...

OK, dammit. I squinted a bit at the dolphin.

I am so gullible.



Lady Tragic said...

Oh your fridge makes me queasy after this weekend but still, Bud and Bailey's... Mmmm...

Maundering mutterer said...

Nice dolphin shot. Your fridge photo looks like my fridge, only mine has less Pepsi tins it - can't spare the space - BEER lives there!

Grant said...

Avitable - I'll post pictures of me committing crimes against humanity as soon as they're declassified.

Pearl - the leg warmers are hard to see because they're the same color as the parachute pants.

Lady Tragic - I no longer drink cheap American beer (which is funny to think that's what I had in Germany), but Bailey's and buttershots are nice together. With almaretto.

Maundering mutterer - the pepsi makes it more nutritionally balanced since we only had two containers of whipped cream.