Friday, August 13, 2010

It happened again

In my world, food = shart, so these days I try to spare my intestines and just snack instead of eating a full meal all at once. Sometimes I'll plan a healthy and nutritious meal like baked fish, brown rice, and sauteed asparagus, then I'll just spread it into a four hour meal, but more often I've found that snack foods have become my main courses since they're quick and relatively light. This can be unhealthy as most snack foods seem rather bacon intensive, but I try to stick with healthy organic choices. Recently I realized that I loved chips and salsa to the point where I was eating some once per day. I was all like "Hells yeah, I love salsa" and "Salsa effing rules" and then I kept running out so I bought bigger bags of chips and jars of salsa, and then yesterday when I was grabbing an oat bran pita and hummus I realized that my pantry was full of giant bags of stale chips and I have a mostly full jar of salsa in the fridge that, by now, probably violates several biological weapons treaties.

I've had a lifelong tendency to get really excited something random, then go nuts with it, enjoy it to the point of obsession, and then suddenly realize that I've lost all interest. That perfectly describes my interest in pro wrestling, nature hiking, and now salsa. Since I'm an adult trying to be an adult trying to maintain the facade of being an adult, I think I'll try to moderate things and force myself to slow down once I find something I like. But enough of that for now - the workday is over and I need to go to the store to get more hummus. Hummus effing rules!

In other, totally unrelated news, here is a bunny.


Jay said...

Have you ever had DiGiorno's thin crust pizza? It's the bomb. And it's only $4.98 at Walmart. So I've had it for dinner 7 of the last 9 days.

Okay, not really. But, is the bomb. And I am having it for dinner tonight. Along with beer? Oh man, have you tried beer? I love beer. And it's entirely possible that I actually do drink beer quite often.

How, you know what would go great with beer? Chips and salsa! I think I'll give that a try.

Avitable said...

I do the same thing. Do you think someday you'll get sick of bunnies?

Kira said...

I hate throwing out perfectly good food. Usually for me it's not that I got fixated on one food item and then lost interest, though. It's that I'll buy it with the full intent on making X or Y with it, and then it gets lost behind the rice or the lettuce in the refrigerator or the panty, and by the time I find it, well, it's just not pretty. OR, the grocery store has a huge sale on something and I get a bunch of them for nearly free, and then suddenly I realize I have about five boxes of crackers that are about to expire.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hummus totally fucking rocks! Chocolate, too. Duh.

Maundering mutterer said...

I spent a year just about living on crackers and camembert. Recently cleaned out a stale one from the fridge, so I suppose that's over now. Just as well my camembert and your salsa aren't on the same continent, the potential for mutation is frightening!

SJ said...

I like unrelated news!

Ricardo said...

Well I to love my pro wrestling but have been unable to follow it as of late.
There's nothing like a big ass meal though. If you must snack do it the right way and eat semi-fresh chips.

tiff said...

Making your OWN hummus also rules.

Grant said...

Jay - what is this "beer" concept of which you speak?

Avitable - BLASPHEMY! Actually, my dealings with the Japanese in the groups I joined left me with no desire to have further dealings with the Japanese, so I'm already there. But bunnies are still cute.

Kira - I have a personal goal to finish an entire bag of salad before it goes bad, but I have yet to realize this.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - we just need to take it to the next logical level and create - CHOCOLATE HUMMUS! Or maybe make a hummus version of Reece's Cups.

Maundering mutterer - or maybe we could eat them both and develop super powers.

SJ - bunny!

Ricardo - in my case, there's nothing like a big-ass meal to trigger a massive shart attack, so I'll stick with my hummus snacks for now.

Martini said...

You just summed up my entire food experience. I go nuts on one kind of food for a month, then I'm off it for a year. Then I'm like... "OH yeah, I forgot all about baked beans! RIGHT ON!"

Robin said...

I do the same thing. sometimes it's a show, sometimes it's an author and often it's food. Most of the time it's food.