Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Importance of Cinco de Mayo

A lot of people think today is all about eating tacos and getting drunk, but it's not. That's every day. The important thing about today is that you only have 10 more shopping days until my 41st birthday, hereafter to be called Granthain.

Two years ago for Granthain, I celebrated with the theme Go About Your Business Unaware That Your Life Will Undergo a Serious Change Due to Illness. Then last year I turned 40 and the theme was Abandon Plans to Get Angst-y Over Hitting 40 Because You Have Real Problems. Now this year I'm feeling moderately better (the diabetes has been held mostly in check since mid-April) so this year's theme will be Buy Me Stuff or Put Your Affairs in Order, Cheap Bastards. Because I care deeply about you all, there is a convenient link to the left that will take you to my Amazon wish list. Get cracking.

In order to gain the favor of the gods, I leave you with an offering of bunny:


SJ said...

what she thinking about?

justsomethoughts... said...

you are generous.
perhaps you will be rewarded in kind.

Jay said...

Bunny offerings are always nice.

Muskrat said...

i was expecting a new baby today, but i got this instead! how about that?

tiff said...

Well hi-de-ho, when you make it THAT easy to buy crap for you, who can resist??

Kira said...

You know, she doesn't look as bunny to me for some reason. Maybe her hair is lightened? Or I don't think bunnies stick out their tongues? Dunno. But she's still hot :D

Captain Dumbass said...

Hey, it's my birthday this month too, can I get one of those?

Grant said...

SJ - anal sex.

justsomethoughts... - so far my generosity has netted me zero bunny, but I remain hopeful.

Jay - here here.

Muskrat - you can give me the college fund if it makes you feel better.

tiff - if this doesn't work, I'm going with subliminal hypnosis next year.

Kira - she's actually soft and has curves, hence the lack of bunnyness. But I still love her dearly.

Captain Dumbass - you already have one, and you've never once offered to share with me.