Monday, May 03, 2010


I'm probably the last person to see this, but I recently discovered Hyperbole and a Half. It's an awesome blog that is way funnier than yours. Who else could get nearly 800 comments for making jokes about the misuse of the term "alot"? And it's a Google blog, so bend over and take that up your rear, blog snobs! This blog is so awesome, you'll probably think that you'll never have any reason to drop by here again, and you would be right except that she never posts pictures of hot Japanese women.

Example of what her blog lacks:

Note - the fish story is major league awesome sauce.


Jay said...

If a blog doesn't have J-Bunnies on it every once in a while, how can it be considered a great blog? I'll check it out anyway, I guess.

SJ said...

I love your taste in blogs - for obvious reasons.

Robin said...

What kind of world is it without bunnies, doesn't compute.

Avitable said...

That is a great blog. Makes me crack up every time.

Realliveman said...

See, this is why I married an Asian woman. When blogs lack what I need, I just look at my wife!

Cool blog, BTW. I will surely be back for more!

Grant said...

Jay - if she starts posting J-bunnies, nobody will ever have a reason to visit me again.

SJ - who wouldn't love Satanic imagery and hot Asian women?

Robin - it would be a sad land indeed, some kind of hell dimension.

Avitable - she is awesome. I hate her.

Realliveman - like I keep telling people, bunny makes everything better.