Monday, May 03, 2010

Atlanta ni Super Fun Wow Bunnybunnybunnymatsuri 2010 Recap

So, the event happened and it was a complete success in that nobody was set on fire and decapitated. After all, who doesn't like to meet new people? Well, me for one. I'm especially not comfortable with meeting all new people in a crowded, noisy environment, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet / lick Avitable, so I girded my loins and went to 4th and Swift for dinner (Rathbun's is apparently run by xtian fundies and was closed on Sunday, so they get no link). Fortunately illness and the weather scared away a lot of people (pussies) so the gathering was more cozy and I managed to not say anything embarrassing, such as how I wish I had a pet chainsaw named Rupert and that we lived in an enchanted soda can on the moon (in a platonic relationship, of course).

Otherwise it was a nice evening and Avitable is as sexy as he appears on his blog and I forgot everyone's name which is no reflection on any of them, just that I'm bad with names that don't sound fun (like Senior Freemwimple - I'll never forget him). And so we ate and drank and nobody got trashed and a good time was had by all even though Muskrat did fail in his offer to provide bunny. Avitable bought dinner so I felt obligated to have sex with him in return (ladies, take note), but he declined and so now I don't feel as pretty. I'm sure he'll put up a better summary on his blog tomorrow, along with embarrassing pictures, where embarrassing = includes me. Don't go looking for them.

When we left, Avitable thought to tell the valet to get the car carrying the pregnant woman first, which was very thoughtful and reminded me that it was the sort of thing I used to do before I got sick and all wrapped up in myself. I'm not making a vow to be more considerate or anything in the future, I'm just saying. Now that I think of it, being kind never got anybody laid. Being a complete dick, on the other hand...

Example of woman not provided by Muskrat.


Jay said...

Even though he turned you down, you did the right thing in offering to have sex with Avitable after he paid. That's just good manners right there.

Avitable said...

How did you forget to mention the Filipino midget strippers?

Tracy Lynn said...

Awesome. I totally wish Avitable and you would come to Seattle. We have bunny here in unbelievable quantities. For serious.

Muskrat said...

Dammit. I hate that I failed you.

Whitemist said...

I tried to bribe the UPS guy to send you a bunny, but he backed away saying something like "too much customer contact" or some nonsense like that.
Next time he visits, I'll let him take a rabid raccoon head for his troubles.

Grant said...

Jay - I'm sure Miss Manners would have approved.

Avitable - shhh - the bodies haven't completely dissolved yet.

Tracy Lynn - you keep mentioning the availability of bunny, and yet we never see pictures of you making out with one on your blog.

Muskrat - there's still time for you to slip your bunny lawyer pal something like a tire iron to the back of the head and get her into something more comfortable like the trunk of my car.

Whitemist - everyone promises bunny, but nobody ever delivers.