Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Bunny Friday

I began a search for a new J-bunny to post since I'm tired of showing Ebi-chan, Sora Aoi, and Sayuki Matsumoto repeatedly, and I stumbled across a picture set of one of the rarest creatures in the animal kingdom - the elusive J-boobied bunny. And the one I found was major league HOT - ample breasts that fit her body style, rounded hips, luscious thighs, and instead of the typical cutesy girly look she had smoldering bedroom eyes and a coy, inviting smile. There were several sets of photos, ranging from her posing in skimpy bikinis to starting in fancy dresses and doing a slow, seductive striptease, but only down to her lingerie. At one point I noticed that the lingerie was actually a white bikini, but no matter. The woman was serious fapping material. So, I did my obligatory research, and - CRAP! She's 15. Plus I discovered she's been modeling since she was 11. Mega-crap.

At that point it was too late to not have been turned on by the little girl, but upon reading her bio I began to wonder about several things. How do you explain to an eleven year old girl that you're making photo books of her in skimpy clothing so old men can abuse their bodies while drooling over her? What kind of schooling/coaching teaches girls to give a wood-inspiring "come hither" look by the time they reach high school? Why the bikini under the dresses - is there a law preventing photographing children in their underoos that Japan managed to skirt? And where are her parents during all of this? Probably out cashing the checks.

So, thanks to that disturbing little episode, you get no bunny today - just a half-assed cultural note.

FYI - example of the elusive J-boobied bunny:

Sora Aoi, 26yo J-bunny


Tracy Lynn said...


Jay said...

15? Damn. That sucks. Too old. ;-)

(That was a joke people!)

Prata said...

You know, it's only been in the past 100 or so years that our society has seriously gotten fucked up with the whole 15 years old is too young thing.

We used to die when we were 40. We got married at 12 - 15. If you were 15 years old and you hadn't married yet you were old and you were probably gonna die a spinster.

My point is, a lot of cultures haven't warped their sense of what is "of age" like the US. It's still common for 15 year old girls to get married in countries like India. If they aren't married by 15 they are likely matched up for when they are prepared to live outside of the house.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that finding a 15 year old girl attractive isn't analogous to being a pedophile (well okay so technically if you touch her you go to jail...fine), it's actually rather normal. Don't let the last 100-150 years screw with your perceptions!

SJ said...

You know they used to be married and popping out babies by 14 or 15 not too many centuries ago?

The search for more elusive varieties of bunnies meanwhile continues...

Grant said...

Tracy Lynn - this post made you entirely too happy.

Jay - you'd like her earlier work when she was eleven and flat as a board. ALSO A JOKE PEOPLE!

Prata - I'm actually on board with not viewing young teen girls as doable since society has changed and with the extended adolescences people tend to experience these days, I doubt many 15yo's are mature enough to handle a sexual relationship with an adult. I especially wouldn't want my daughter nurturing a career as pedo-bait at eleven. But I'm a guy, so I responded accordingly when I saw boobs.

SJ - they also used to believe bathing caused illness, so the "it was cool in medieval times" excuse doesn't carry much weight with me.