Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Question

Aren't the peas in split pea soup supposed to be, technically, split? 'Cause I just had some for lunch and all of mine were intact. Time for a class action lawsuit.


Jay said...

I would call the hot Bunny lawyer and see if she's willing to sue.

Whitemist said...

That would be mighty strange if they were not spit, but it probably means that they came from a can, instead of a plastic bag.

Captain Dumbass said...

SUE! Come on, you're American, do your patriotic duty.

GreenJello said...

It would give you something to do in your spare time, now that you're not paying bills all the time.

Robin said...

I think you've got a case, fight the power!

messiah said...

No. Split Pea soup. Pea = singular. Only one pea needs to be split per can, technically.

Just like clam chowder. I've eaten at places where they take that literally. (I've also eaten at places where they refer to it as clams chowder - which is much better).

Grant said...

Jay - somehow I can't see that being the funny "meet cute" story that we tell everyone about how we fell in love.

Whitemist - well, I got the soup from a can. Jebus only knows where they got the peas from.

Captain Dumbass - true, we have a cultural stereotype to maintain. In the lawsuit, I'd better say that I deep fried the soup and had it with a Coca Cola.

GreenJello - hopefully I can find more productive uses for my time, such as watching reruns of Buffy on NetFlix.

Robin - the man's going down!

messiah - then I should sue because they put a plural amount of peas in my can.