Friday, April 23, 2010

Bunny Time!

Jay recently wrote an informative blarticle on rodeo degrees, but then he had to sully the purity of Reverend Al Gore's Internet by including pictures of sexy cowboys. So, in order to restore balance to the force, I thought I would counter with bunny. Of course I didn't actually expect to find any matches for the search term "Japanese Cowgirl", but I thought it couldn't hurt so I Googled it and - cazart! I've discovered a new niche.

There were boobied bunnies:

And blonde bunnies:

Note to bunnies - that looks awful.

And famous bunnies:

Yuko Ogura, 26 yo bunny who DOES NOT LOOK 12 SO SHUT THE FECK UP

And typical anonymous bunnies I'm still willing to marry:

And anime bunnies:

And toy bunnies:

And NSFW bunnies, where NSFW = don't click on the link if you're in a Jebus-enhanced environment and will get canned or will permanently warp children if your computer displays naked breasts. Note - link is to a pic of Sora Aoi, another 26 yo bunny who also DOES NOT LOOK 12 SO SHUT THE FECK UP AGAIN.

And now I want a cheeseburger. With teriyaki sauce.


Tracy Lynn said...

Someone is feeling guilty about the 12 year old thing.

Captain Dumbass said...

The last one is definitely my favourite bunny of all.

Real Live Lesbian said...

She totally looks 13, dude! ;)

Hot cowgirls!!!!

Whitemist said...

Who'd of thunk it, Japanese cowgirls!

Avitable said...

I prefer Japanese reverse cowgirls.

Ricardo said...

I could see there being MANY pictures of Asian cowgirls. there is an affinity all over the world for the wild west.

tiff said...

OK. I want to be one in my next life.

Grant said...

Tracy Lynn - no, I'm just trying to figure out where all these hot 12 yo's who look like busty Asian models live. Because the ones around here look like kids.

Captain Dumbass - nekkid always goes for the win.

Real Live Lesbian - and 13 is the legal age of consent in Japan, so we're good.

Whitemist - the perfect blending of East and West culture.

Avitable - somehow I knew that was coming.

Ricardo - the Japanese prefer Samurai films (it's their version of the Western), but Westerns have been popping up more lately. Quentin Tarantino even had a hand in one.

tiff - is it too late in this life?

Anonymous said...

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