Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bankruptcy Update

In my previous bankruptcy update, I said that Best Buy contested the filing which was a misstatement. To contest the bankruptcy, a creditor would have to send a lawyer to the meeting in order to claim that I'm trying to use the system to cheat them out of money, then the whole thing would go to trial. Instead, what they did was to send my lawyer a contract for me to sign commonly referred to as a Reaffirmation Agreement. Because they had been pissing me off and because (by mistake or intentionally) their agreement tried to get me to pay them more than I owed, I decided to let them take back their used TV since I've already saved enough money to replace it with this. I e-mailed the legal bunny, to which she said she normally advised her clients to pass on reaffirming because a) the value of the property is usually worth less than the amount the creditor tries to get (definitely true in my case), and b) with relatively low-value items like mine they often won't try to collect. So, she e-mailed their lawyer and told him to take a long walk off of a short pier and take a squid up the butt (sorry if all the legalese is confusing to you), and I haven't heard anything further. I'm divided as to whether or not I want them to take the TV, since the 52" Samsung looks really cool.

So, now I'm done with all I have to do and just have to wait for the courts to discharge my debts sometime over the next six months. Hopefully it will be over by my birthday, which is on May 15, a good time to buy presents because you should have recovered from Xmas by then and you have several months before the next Xmas drains your accounts again.


Jay said...

Just have that new one sent to my place. That solves both of our problems.

Super Bowl party at my place! haha

Grant said...

Jay - you would waste such a fine piece of electronics on football? Shame! It was clearly meant for video games and really huge Asian porn.