Monday, November 02, 2009

It's Monday again

Ricardo tagged me with a lame meme. I call it lame because the rules require you to answer with a single word, which is something of a teaser and can be misleading. But, since I'm a cubicle wage slave and my time gets super busy at the beginning of the month, I'll play along. It's too long so I'm only going to do the ones I want - full list of questions is here.

Your favorite food? Thai

Your dream/goal? Shart-free*

Your hobby? sharting

Your Fear? bills

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Seattle

Something that you aren’t? apple

Wish list item? bunny!

Last thing you did? shart

Your TV? awesome

Your life? sharty

Your mood? sharty

Missing someone? always

Vehicle? suck

Something you’re not wearing? bunny!

Your favorite store? Target

Favorite place to eat? Pattaya

And, to make up for all that, here is a bunny.


*it's hyphenated, so it counts as one word, you language Nazis


Jay said...

Making long range plans to move to Seattle AKA: Bunnyland? That's probably a smart move.

Mighty Hunter said...

It's going to take you six years to get to Seattle? Come on, now, you're just not trying hard enough. Medical bill hardship be damned, the bunnies just WALK AROUND ON THE STREET OUT HERE.

metalmom said...

Something that you aren’t? apple

You made me shart my pants with sympathy for you and laughter.

Grant said...

Jay - I like the weather and the bunnies. Hopefully I can find employment there someday.

Mighty Hunter - I've tried moving there before, but my employer pays me to be in Atlanta. In the meantime, can you whack a bunny over the head and send her to me? I'll reimburse you for the postage.

metalmom - sympathy sharts are the best.

SJ said...

Why not San Jose? I've heard it being referred to as America's Asia.

Grant said...

SJ - I've heard that about Hawaii and Los Angeles as well, but I prefer the weather in Seattle.

Ricardo said...

I hate memes but do them out of guilt. Is there a theme with girls in glasses going on here.

Grant said...

Ricardo - actually, the ones with glasses are all of Ami Tokito. I was going to do a bunny-off between her and Shoko Hamada, but I ran short of bunny pics and started using those.