Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Please remember that any form of Halloween celebration, including imparting good wishes or reading this blog post, counts as devil worship. All hail His Satanic Majesty, our Lord Lucifer. I go now to celebrate His magnificence with the sacrificial six pack of beer. In closing - goth bunny!



Captain Dumbass said...

Not quite a six pack, but I celebrated His Wickedness with two beers and a hard lemonade.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I saw the work of your dark lord as I watched him befuddle the good Phillies into oblivion by the malevolent Yankees. I believe His Wickedness convinced someone to throw the game so that we have a 7 game series. I also know that you don't care about this information.

SJ said...

I didn't worship saw a lot of worshipers.

Whitemist said...

I swear your a Puritan!
You have all the markings!
Everything is eveil.
No sex.
work too hard.
Sees witches every where.
yes, a Puritan.

Marsha said...

You're absolutely a hoot!

Grant said...

Captain Dumbass - add a few shots of bourbon and it's a party.

Enemy of the Republic - sorry, I don't really follow soccer, or NASCAR, or whatever sport you were talking about.

SJ - your blog entries are considered sacrilegious enough to satisfy Him.

Whitemist - the celibacy is not my idea, but I'm down with the rest. Now I just need shoes with square buckles and a blunderbuss.

Marsha - enjoying my blog is also tantamount to devil worship.

Fernweher said...

My halloween:

I'm in the pink dress. Is this devil worshippy enough for you?

Fernweher said...

Correcting the link to

Grant said...

Fernweher - personally I think dressing like an Asian Catholic schoolgirl with bunny ears would be even more Satanic, but your costume looks great. Lucifer is pleased.

Ricardo said...

I kind of like this chick.

Grant said...

Ricardo - me too, but I'm willing to trade her for Sora Aoi.