Thursday, September 17, 2009


Post Part

This is the final installment of the weekly theme SACRSFSDDBBBBBT because I’m tired of it and it was just an unfunny joke making fun of people who felt the need to compulsively follow several of the many daily themes out there that seem to function as an excuse to avoid any form of creative blogging. Ha ha on you, boring people. And now the bloggy part of the theme is over.

Meme Part

1. Is this finally the week you will create a meme for us and quit making whiny excuses?

2. How many questions will be in this meme and why?
Five. I think longer memes are ultimately boring unless the writer is extremely talented and/or has lived an exciting life.

3. Doesn’t the last question actually count as two questions?
Technically, but I’m only counting it as one.

4. But still, doesn't that mean that now there’s only one question in the meme remaining (after this one)?

5. That hardly leaves room for a decent meme, right?
That’s true.

And now we’re done.

Bunny Part



Jay said...

Sorry this meme is coming to an end. But, I look forward to the next great meme you start.

OMG how old is she? 12???? Uh, I mean, she's Bunnylicious. LOL ;-)

Monogram Queen said...

assphincter say what?

tiff said...

It's hardly a meme at all, is it?

dr.alistair said...

better bunny.

Captain Dumbass said...

Bet that floor was cold.

Kira said...

You can look at her hands and see she's not in her teens. That's the only way I can tell with J-bunnies.

It's been so long since I did a meme...real or fake. Or hell, a blog post. It's been so long since I did a blog post, though, because Grant has me locked in his closet. Damnit. Good thing I managed to sneak out and use his computer before he returned home! Hahaha! Got ya!

Kathy B! said...

The memes drive me crazy. I don't like them and I hate getting tagged.

But that's a very pretty bunny!

Robin said...

she kind of looks like she's wearing a diaper.

Grant said...

Jay - I'll create another meme eventually. I'll try to make it bunny flavored.

Monogram Queen - what?

tiff - unfortunately true.

dr.alistair - same bunny as the last two posted.

Captain Dumbass - I'm willing to lay down with her to keep her warm.

Kira - the breasts aren't a hint she's not 14?

Kathy B! - okay, I tag you.

Robin - hottest diaper baby ever.

Martini said...

Why is the meme part so long, and the bunny part so short?

p.s. The meme part was excellent. So was the bunny.

R said...

I like the bunny parts.

Hit 40 said...

Austin needs to see this bunny!!

Grant said...

Martini - I need to create a meme consisting entirely of bunny.

R - me too.

Hit 40 - he can look, but I called her first.