Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Theme Day

Avitable heartily endorsed the concept of theme days in bloggyland (I assume that was his point, I generally only read every third word of the crap you people write) and so I thought I would jump on board and create one for Thursday. I know we already have Half Naked Thursday, but none of you are, no offense, a hot Asian bunny and so I don't care. I have unilaterally decided that hence forth every Thursday will be known as the Super Awesome and Cool Random Snickle Frickle Sharty Doom Days of Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Thursdays (or SACRSFSDDBBBBBT for short). I'll work on an image you can post at the top of your blog when you join in.

The rules are simple. 1) do a post of reasonable length (no more than one page of type, 1" margins, with a 12 point font) about whatever you were going to write about anyway, b) do a short meme (no more than five questions) (feel free to make one up if you don't know of one you want to do) (parentheses are cool), and δΈ‰) post a picture of a hot Asian woman. Okay, let's do this.

My car's sudden death was yet another electrical failure. The ignition switch is highly intelligent and knows to shut the car down if someone tries to steal it, but when I tried to go to lunch on Tuesday I didn't realize I was jacking my own car. Related note - I molest myself frequently, but so far I've beat (har) the rap on that one. Anyway, after the dome light, a/c, and turn signals, that makes electrical failure #4. If you know anyone who is an electrical engineer working for General Motors, stab them in the groin with a spork for me. Now I'm trying to float a metric tonne (in English measurement terms, that's a helluva lot) of medical debt AND pay for repairs, which I can manage but I have no remaining wiggle room for anything at all to go wrong in my life. I'll be fine as long as my seven year old car doesn't have any unexpected needs such as a new transmission, wiper blades, or gas. I did manage to save $7 on the oil change (w00t!), so if anyone is in the Atlanta area, the vending machine sodas are on me (at work, I can afford five with that kind swag).

Now I'm debating driving the car until it dies again vs. trying to get a new one. It's a 2002 Chevy Malibu with a trade-in value of about $1,600 or a retail value of $3,000 if I choose to sell it myself (and, no, it doesn't qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program). I need something cheap and reliable but not so small it's uncomfortable for me to drive. I'm leaning towards a Mazda 3 or possibly a Kia since their warranty is so much better. Please leave suggestions / horror stories in the comments section. I've never taken another blogger's advice before, but theoretically it could happen.

And to think, two years ago I was debt-free and considering buying a Lexus. Now my annual take-hone pay has been reduced by $9k and, according to one doctor, it's unlikely I'll live long enough to pay off all my medical debt. Take THAT, American health care system. I'm staying away from the healthcare debate since people seem as intractable on it as they do for religion or fake vs. real breast debates. I'll just say that a nation that spends more on health care than any other in the world and in terms of longevity is ranked 42nd obviously has no need for reform. Besides, if all Americans have access to affordable health care the terrorists will have won and the baby Jebus will cry.

The Have You Ever... meme (I'm starting you off easy this week).

Have you ever...
1) Had a blog? yes
2) Found an Asian woman attractive? yes
3) Done a meme? yes

And, we're done.

In closing - borderline NSFW bunny!


Jay said...

I have found many blogs written by hot Asian bunnies. None of them participate in Half Naked Thursday. Oddly enough, none of them will even acknowledge me when I comment on their blogs either. I take it very personally.

I have no advice to give on the car. I'm not a car guy at all. I don't care if I look cool or not driving my qualifies for Cash for Clunkers vehicle. It runs and it's in a great shape. I would love to live some place like NYC where I wouldn't even need to own a car. Or maybe a nice Caribbean island where I just drive around in a golf cart if I want to go somewhere.

And I am more open to hearing different sides of the health care debate than I am fake breasts.

Hit 40 said...

You saw that I tried a meme this Wednesday!! I think it might work out well. I need to make a crafty pic for it this weekend.

My friend just bought a ... damn it!!! I hate my fucking memory!! I will find out for you. Consumer reports ranked it high and it was cheap. I'll tell you in the morning. Too late to text her. Although I know that she is probably up drinking...

Your post made me giggle again. Excellent.

What the heck kinda life span do they give you?? Damn doctors. I think you will out live all of them.

Can the ladies post a hot man of our choice? I can not think of any hot Asian guys. I like men over at least 6'2"

NYD said...

Shit. To be honest I didn't read any of this. I do memes when I'm surly and drunk and I post videos of Asian lesbians instead of pics.

Get a scooter. It'll make you closer to becoming Japanese.

R said...

Nice borderline, if you get my drift.

Grant said...

Jay - due to the amount of Internet drama I tend to generate, I have a rule to never initiate contact with another blogger (so when they freak out and claim they had to delete their blog to escape me I can say "You started it"), but before my bunny obsession I commented on a few Japanese blogs. They ignored me too. From what I've learned from penpal sites I've joined, they generally attract Japanese girls who only want to meet other Japanese girls, and pedophiles who want to meet really young Japanese girls.

Hit 40 - the only one that mentioned my life span said I could live maybe ten more years if I manage all my conditions carefully. I think I'll outlive them all by strangling the lot of them.

There aren't many hot Asian guys. Cute and tiny doesn't work for men. So, no, stick with bunny. :p

NYD - I'll see if Harley makes a scooter.

R - Sora Aoi rulz!