Thursday, September 10, 2009



It's time again for that Thursday Theme juggernaut best known as SACRSFSDDBBBBBT. So far, the number of people who have decided to hop on this popular band wagon has risen to: 0. (yes, I counted twice) (and I fully expect this number to double in the weeks to come)

I discovered a new anime series called Chobits (ちょびツ), set in what appears to be modern Tokyo except that personal computers look like people (usually cute females with weird ears). I won't spoil the storyline (mostly since I've only seen the first four episodes and can only guess where it's going), but I will say it has a little something for everyone, from the pink DVD and tiny computer Sumomo for innocent little Bobbi-Sue to the moe flashes of nudity and mentions of Internet porn for pedophile Grampa Joe.

Not as good, but still interesting is Air Gear (エアギア). It's in what I call the "emerging champion" genre and is available for free online viewing if you have NetFlix (shart upon thee if you're not one of the faithful). What makes it interesting is that both the main character and apparent demographics of the show are 13 year old boys, but it is rated TV-MA in America. I thought maybe it would be really graphic and hardcore with the action, but the violence is cartoonish and kept to a PG level. The problem is that it contains occasional brief flashes of animated titties and rare usage of dirty words. The early episodes seemed to be either limited to a single "shit" or a second of boobage, but somewhere around episode seven I got two shits, a fuck, a breast shot AND exposed buttocks. Now I need to watch something wholesome like Suicide Club or Dexter so I can recover.

Seriously, where did we Americans get our priorities? Bloody mayhem? No problem - raise the kids on it. Saying "shit" instead of "poopy"? Well, maybe a little if the kid is over thirteen and has easy access to a bible / confessional. A picture of breasts? EVIL! Them thar boobies is the debbil's bidness.


1. Is this the week you will finally do a real meme?

For your bunny / fapping pleasures, I close with Simka, one of the babes who briefly gets naked in Air Gear.



SJ said...

Cheater! They are not real bunnies.

Captain Dumbass said...

Your country is seriously fucked up in its acceptance of violence over nudity. Just think of the youth violence that would curbed if teenage boys stayed at home at night to watch American Nude Idol?

Jay said...

I can't think of a single TV show that wouldn't have been improved by some nudity. Even Friends. Actually, Friends is the perfect example. In stead of Jennifer Anniston's nipples happy to see me through a white tank top, she could have just been topless. See? Instant improvement of one of the most popular shows ever.

Except The Golden Girls. I really don't think that show would have been improved with nudity.

Grant said...

sj - if you can fap to them, then they count.

Captain Dumbass - gang violence would be seriously reduced if teenagers were encouraged to stay indoors and masturbate more.

Jay - naked Gilmore Girls would have been awesome.

Ricardo said...

I have asked the question about America countless times. Violence is fine, sex is evil and corrupting. I don't know.

Grant said...

Ricardo - we do have some strange values in our culture. We should be more Japanese.