Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today is insanely busy for me, but I don't want to slow the momentum of the juggernaut Thursday theme that is SACRSFSDDBBBBBT, so here is a quick post. Very quick.

And today's meme:

1. Are you too busy to blog today?

And a repost of an old bunny pic:



NYD said...

I am tired of living in Japanland. I respecfully request an invitation to Bunnyville!

April said...

Beautiful bunny.

Grant said...

NYD - there is always room for one more in Bunnyville.

But not for white guys. We have that quota filled (1).

April - all bunnies are beautiful.

Hit 40 said...

Great bunny! She is a keeper.

I had a busy week too. One week down and 35 more school weeks to go until summer!!

Ricardo said...

I have been way too busy the last few days myself and can now just get out and about.