Friday, August 28, 2009

Bunny Friday

It's rare to find a Japanese woman in the entertainment industry who doesn't have sizeable breasts (fake or otherwise), but today I bring you Jun Kiyomi (age 22):


She's a metric C cup, which in English measurements translates to "nearly flat-chested", but I think she's cute and she's still bustier than my tiny Japanese teacher.


And here are a pair of NSFW pictures. Bunny! Bunny!


Captain Dumbass said...

Mmm, bunny.

Whitemist said...

Very graceful pictures Grant! All of them!

Hit 40 said...

WOW!! Flat!!!

She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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SJ said...

Lot of bunny where I am in San Jose!

Grant said...

Captain Dumbass - I'll bet she would taste good dipped in soy sauce.

Whitemist - I prefer those kinds of tasteful pics over the "ankles behind the ears" style.

Hit 40 - she looks more like the ones I know locally.

Anonymous - thanks. I will click on all of those links right away.

SJ - we have a shortage on the East (aka better) coast. Why don't you visit and bring some with you?

Ricardo said...

I'm not kicking her out of bed.

April said...

She looks HOT in the first picture. Then I scrolled down and thought yuck. I scrolled back up to the first picture so I wouldn't have to see the yuck and be happy.

Grant said...

Ricardo - not even if you wanted to have sex on the floor?

April - apparently you only like your women laying down.