Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RTT part Today

Not a bunny

The days of sharting are finally over, which is good because I'm getting sick of that word.

I can smell my own boogers. Seriously - they have a musty smell. Looks like I'm trading one infirmity for another. It's still much better than stomach cramps and shart attacks.

NetFlix is way cooler when you have a large TV directly connected to your home PC (assuming you have a fast enough Internet connection). Over the last couple of days I've watched episodes of the Rockford Files, Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century, Batman Beyond, Voltron, Tripping the Rift, and Yes, Prime Minister online. Being able to watch them on the TV instead of the PC monitor means I can do so while walking on the treadmill. I've now managed to build my way up to walking 1.4 miles a day (that's about 37 litres/hectare for you Canucks). W00t - I'm such a stud! Surely some bunny action will follow.




Hit 40 said...

Oh please watch Dexter for me!!! Dexter would make
Rockford's job so much quicker. Just chop them up!!!

Hit 40 said...

... i forgot!! I love that you are playing random Tuesday Thoughts with us. I will have to go see if you linked too.

Jay said...

NetFlix's watch instantly is the greatest thing ever.

Captain Dumbass said...

Stud indeed walking 37 hectares underwater.

SJ said...

Isn't 1.4 miles per day a little slow. What's the per hour rate ? ;)

Hit 40 said...

I would expect you to be watching Dexter tonight since you have no new bunny for us!!

Hit 40 said...

I am a crazy cat lady with kids!!!!!!

Grant said...

Hit 40 - I have Dexter seasons 1 and 2 on my iTunes, but I don't have Showtime so I have to wait for the DVD for later seasons.

Jay - not as great as bunnies, but close.

Captain Dumbass - I expect to raise my distance to 2.7 centigrades any day now.

SJ - if I walked any further, I would end up back in my sick bed going 0.0 miles per day.

Kathy B! said...

I've been using Redbox, but I'll have to check this out since my laptop seems to be eternally connected to the stupid tv lately anyway.

And congrats on the walking success!