Monday, August 10, 2009

Post # 1,200

Japanese schoolgirls - anger one, and she'll lop your weenie off.


I'm assuming that, in Japan, the katana is a standard school item like a #2 pencil.


Jay said...

I'd like to have a sword fight with her.

Or maybe not. She looks kinda dangerous.

Whitemist said...

They have nothing of Babit!

Nobius said...

Post 1200, I just reached 1900 on my personal blog and am nearly at 500 over at Calliope Nerve.

Certainly, I must have a life somewhere.

SJ said...

All my blogs combined I haven't reached 4 digits yet. Thank (the non-existent) god.

Captain Dumbass said...

Japanese school girls and swords, that's just win-win.

Robin said...

someday your japanese girls are going to get me in trouble at work.

Grant said...

Jay - maybe you can have a sword fight in her mouth if she ditches the sword.

Whitemist - I hope they don't hear about that in Japan.

Nobius - you are the bloggy master. Now you just need to post pictures of hot Asian women.

SJ - sounds like you may have an actual, real-life life.

Captain Dumbass - hormonal, emotionally unbalanced girls and giant sharp objects. I see no potential problem there.

Robin - all my bunny pictures are work safe, unless you work for fascist nuns. It's the links that are sometimes a bit racy.

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