Thursday, August 13, 2009

Late Wordless Wednesday

I was going to post a picture of Sora Aoi (her modeling name means Blue Sky, btw), but then I noticed that her dress in the picture I selected was sheer and she wasn't wearing a bra and so my blog would have featured a nipple. NIPPLE ALERT! I'm not a breast bigot, but I try to keep the blog work safe. Also, I've learned that in order to find the most tasteful pictures of Asian models, you also have to allow the search engine to include pictures in the "ankles behind the ears - see my uterus" category, so I had to search for a replacement at home. And so, here she is:


It's Thursday now, so I'm allowed to include words.


Whitemist said...

She is still very cute! A good choice.

metalmom said...

Why not give it a TITLE-NSW tag?

Ricardo said...

I never let a little nipple stop me from posting. Damn the work rules.

Kira said...

I want the nipple. Thank you. I like boobies.

Jay said...

You made the right choice. Don't want the Nipple Police coming after you.

Captain Dumbass said...

What would nipple punishment look like?

Monogram Queen said...

Just checking in on you Grant, I see nothings changed ;) (that's GOOD) Hope you are feeling ok. Are you on facebook?

Grant said...

Whitemist - it's still a picture of Sora Aoi, just without the offensive nipple.

metalmom - I've tried that, but some people don't use a feed reader and others don't pay attention, so if I post a NSFW pic I do it as a link.

Ricardo - I live in the South, aka Jebusland, where it is common knowledge that nipple = evil.

Kira - I should have known the breasts would draw your attention.

Jay - yes, nip slips are worse than smoking crack on the xtian scale of evil.

Captain Dumbass - I'm thinking it would not include lube.

Monogram Queen - I don't facebook. You'll just have to blog again. See if you can drag the Peanut Queen back online with you.