Friday, July 17, 2009

Film at 11

I'm going to do like Metalmom and provide a preview of what is to come rather than actually blog about it now. Stay tuned for an exciting update on my health. Hint: I'm not dead. Plus, there will be bunny, but only if my last post gets more comments.


Hit 40 said...

Not dead is always good!!!

Whitemist said...

I always comment, so I do not think I count, besides, you are way funnier than me!

Jay said...

"Stay tuned for an exciting update on my health. Hint: I'm not dead."

Whoa! HEY! Spoiler alert!

SJ said...

I know. You are one of the undead.

Ricardo said...

OK hope it's good news.

metalmom said...

I can't believe you copied my assiness! LOL

I'll tune in anyway. :D

Prata said...

Wait, last post or this post? You're _so_ vague!!!! Well, not really. But I feel like bein' a douche because my job sucks. =-(

Grant said...

Hit 40 - unless you're a drooling vegetable and in never-ending pain.

Whitemist - okay, you've done your part.

Jay - I try to keep you hooked without telling too much.

SJ - that would be cool except for all the brain eating. I'm allergic to brains.

Ricardo - me too.

Metalmom - I want to grow up to be like you.

Prata - call customer service if you need someone to abuse.