Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy 8’s

I was going to update you on my health status (hint: I’m still alive) and write a dissertation on the state of health care in the United States and solve the whole issue while creating a budget surplus and bring peace to the world and post a video of hot Japanese women making out, but I got tagged by Hit 40. For the record – I think blog awards are silly, but I do respond to tags. I also lay the Voodou Death Curse of Zorzan© on whoever tags me. Other note – I don’t do long memes (at least, not all at once) so I’m going to limit my answers to however many things I feel like.

8 things that I am looking forward to:
1. A work-free weekend.
2. Getting healthy.
3. Failing that – death.

8 things that I did yesterday:
1. Worked (natch).
2. Saw UP in digital 3D.
3. Wished I’d seen UP in 2D.

8 things that I wish I could do:
1. Get healthy.
2. Retire.
3. Bunny!

8 favorite fruits:
1. Apples.
2. Grapes.
3. Bananas.
4. Watermelon.

8 Places that I would like to travel:
1. Japan.
2. China.
3. Thailand.
4. Taiwan.
5. Vietnam.
6. Laos.
7. Korea.
8. Cambodia.

8 Shows that I watch:
1. Whatever is on when I’m allowed to exercise.

8 Places that I have lived:
1. Fulton, Kentucky, a tiny farming town with a (then) population of 600 and six liquor stores (we were close to Tennessee with its dry counties and higher drinking age).
2. Gelnhausen, Germany.
3. Fort Hood, Texas
4. The dessert in Iraq.
5. In my head (lots of open space).
6. Most perfect Atlanta.

8 People that I have tagged:
1. I don’t tag.


Jay said...

It's pretty rare to see the words "perfect" and "Atlanta" in the same sentence. Other than "Atlanta is the perfect example of a really bad sports town." I've seen that one a few times.

I'm totally down for a our of Bunnyland .. er .. Asia. ;-)

Whitemist said...

we figured that you would still be alive (isn't it that only the good die young?). I can see your commitment to the places bunnies are born and bred and speaking of that, what happened to our bunny fix for the day? Do I have to find my old files???

Kerry said...

ok... I had to reread the 8 places you'd lived. I read it first to say 8 places you'd LIKE to live and I was thinking "WTFRENCH!?!? HE Wants to live there!?" lol

Captain Dumbass said...

Since I'm a late comer to Grantsville, was it Iraq that fucked up your health?

Grant said...

jay - we just have the bad sports teams to keep outsiders away. Downtown Atlanta has hovercars and free holo porn. If you haven't seen it, then our efforts to keep others out have prevailed.

whitemist - you can always use the header pic for your fapping needs.

kerry - I've never been anywhere that I actually wanted to be.

cda - not unless they deployed a biological weapon that takes 18+ years to germinate. I got some kind of infection that almost killed me - nobody knows how, and the hospital didn't want to speculate or bother having it tested.

GreenJello said...

Iraq dessert? Is that sand ice cream?

Hit 40 said...

How the hell did I miss the tag that you wrote!! You are soo tagged for all of my tags in the future and awarded LOL!!!

Ricardo said...

Seems that many of your places of travel are focused on Asia. Why is that? Hmm.