Monday, June 15, 2009


As Jay commented on my last post, "There's something funny about tiny Asian girls with big boobies. They look out of proportion and I think 90% of their weight is above their waist. I wonder if they have balance problems with such leetol bittee feet when they're so top heavy?"

Generally, I agree. I appreciate the natural beauty of bunnies instead of being breast obsessed like you women. However, this one has actual hips, so the boobage looks natural on her.

This one, on the other hand, apparently excites a lot of people, but I find her out of proportion and way too much of a good thing.

Anyone who disagrees can send hate mail here.


Jay said...

Uh yeah, that second chick is a bit too much. But, the girl in the first pic? Me likey! ;-)

Whitemist said...

Send me the first by air mail please, you can keep the second.

Neath said...

So I scroll down, see the first one, think "Damn! I want one.". I scroll down a little further, see the face on the first one, think "Nice smile. I like it.". Then I scroll down a little further.... Holy shit! Those are way too damned big for that tiny little frame. What the hell was she thinking?
They say anything more than a handful's a waste, but, I happen to have big hands and am partial to bigger tits. However, I'd much rather see a proportionate woman than a tiny little thing with jumbo sized knockers.
Conversly, big women with little bitty titties look kinda dumb too, in my opinion.

April said...

Why do I gotta be breast obsessed? Just because I enjoy the *natural* beauty of women with big breasts, doesn't mean I'm obsessed. And for the record, that 2nd lady looks gross.

And I thought of you today. I just got back from helping out with the 5th grade party at Ethan's school. He has a crush on a very cute little Japanese/Korean girl. I thought to myself, "Grant would be so proud!" =)

Captain Dumbass said...

There are a fair number of Asian woman out there that can fill a bra, especially if they were born in North America. I live somewhere with a heavy Asian population and know of what I speak.

Anonymous said...

The second image looks waaaay photoshopped to me

Grant said...

jay - yeah, surfbunny is hot.

whitemist - air mail would cost too much for the 2nd one anyway.

neath - yeah, I really prefer natural and even proportions over gigantic enhanced boobage.

april - I call you and Kira breast-obsessed because you have little appreciation for the ones who are naturally tiny and slim. But, yeah, #2 is too much for just about anybody. But it doesn't stop her from having a lucrative modeling career.

cda - you live somewhere with a heavy Asian population? Asian fatties? You can keep them.

nursemyra - if you do an image search on Fuko (her modeling name), you'll see a large number of pictures. Either she is that huge, or they're all photoshopped.

Ricardo said...

The first one is the spirit of summer. Second one is too much of a good thing, I agree.