Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Not a bunny

Blurgh. Fleem snargle. Frap wrackto vom warple rerelap.

My pharmacist is an extremely tiny and cute Asian-American woman. I dub her Drug Bunny. And, no, I'm not planning to ask her out. She refills my insulin and blood pressure medication, plus she rings up my purchases which have lately consisted of gauze pads and butt wipes. I'm sure that's gotten her hot for me. Plus she looks about 18, but I think that's probably due to her bunny genes. I'm assuming you have to undergo some kind of training before they let you sell pills, so she's probably at least 21. Still way too young for me.

My friends and I had a debate over the age of my favorite J-waitress (she worked in a Thai restaurant). People often mistook her for a high school student. My friends guessed 21 because she could legally serve alcohol. I guessed 23 just because I'm used to how young some of them can look. I asked her and discovered that she was 31. Yay - old enough for me! And married. Boo!

That probably explains the pedophilia in Japan. "She's 12? I thought she was 40! Really, how the hell can you tell around here?"

Given my success with women, I think I should write a book entitled How to Become a Serial Killer.

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Jay said...

I've never been good at guessing the age of women anyway. And it's sure to get you into trouble if you try.

21 is too young? I disagree. 21 is the perfect age. ;-)

Hit 40 said...

Good for you asking her out! The chicken didn't bring you down!!!

Kira said...

I still think we could have gotten that age a little more on target if we got to see her hands....

Leesa said...

I always shave a few years before guessing an age. Just because it is the polite thing to do.

Monogram Queen said...

They do age well, I am a sucky age-guesser anyway too. Just sneaking by some of my fave blogs. Hope all is well with you buddy!

Grant said...

jay - at least at 21 they can legally fetch you beer.

hit 40 - no, it was a non chicken day.

kira - you should have asked her to massage your breasts.

leesa - with American women I've often found it best not to bring the subject up.

mq - glad to see you back by. Quit your new job if it interferes with blogging.

Ricardo said...

It's really hard to tell the age sometimes. I have seen teen aged girls who look 27 and women in their 20s who look12. I will card any woman who looks young.

Kerry said...

Have I told you before that I like your new look!?

totally off the subject, I know.

dr.alistair said...

oh, bunnylord....shoulda guessed.