Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hit 40

I'm not ripping off Hit 40's bloggy ID, I really did hit 40 last Friday. THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS, FUCKERS! As befitting a man of my youth and vigor, I celebrated by going home after work, ordering a pizza, and going to bed early. I invited Kira down for a visit, but she decided she'd rather chop off her own finger than see me. I tend to affect women that way. She and her hubby Alex sent me some sharp objects, a violent videogame, and a blood-soaked movie with lots of Japanese schoolgirls. Stabby shooty bunny! They know me so well.

Saturday I went to an awards ceremony honoring people who worked to establish better Japan-America relationships in the local community. All races of people represented except for the Japanese. Okay, one white guy had a bunny bride, but otherwise - zip. My experience with the local Japanese is that they only attend events when they get to mingle with other Japanese. Then I went to the mall to buy pants and found the missing Asians - at least the teeenyboppers and their mothers. I still don't know where to find the singles over 30.

And then that evening I completed Ultima IV and became the Avatar of Britannia. I bet you find me sexy now.

I was planning to have a major mid-life crisis and to throw a real hissy fit over turning 40, but I've been sick since I turned 39 and this is the best I've felt in a year. My blood sugar is finally down to safe levels and I'm more mobile than I have been. Of course, since I spent most of 39 in bed, maybe this birthday doesn't count.




Enemy of the Republic said...

Did you count bunnies so that you could fall asleep?

Happy Birthday!

SJ said...

happy fucking last friday's birthday.

Did they reward YOU at the ceremony? No? Really?

Whitemist said...

Well happy 40th...its been awhile since I was that young!

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry you didn't get Bunny raped. I'm only a year behind you.

metalmom said...

Sorry I missed it. I forgot to mail the bunny I put into the crate for shipping.

Damn. Now I have a body to dispose of.

Happy Birthday,Grant.

Kerry said...

Did you not do a midlife crisis at 29? That was my first one. I missed my 39 crisis so i'm planning on doing doubley good at 49.

Hope this year is a GOOD freckin' year for ya!

Jay said...

You can just put the mid-life crisis off for a year or so if you want. That's what I've been doing.

You can buy Asian chicks at the mall? Maybe I misread that.

Happy Birthday. I guess.

Hit 40 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

A real bunny was eating my flowers today. Must kill bunny!!!

This is an interesting question... where are over 30 bunnies? I will investigate for you.

My kids both have Asian friends at school. They never come over to the house. But... I have an evil plan to make their parents wonder about us. Supersperm is truly freaky bright. I plan to math him to the max this summer to kick some math booty all the way to the state math contest. Surely... they will let their children play with him then??

We can out nerd the Asians any day at our house.

Thank you for the shout out!!! I'm giving it back tomorrow to you.

Ricardo said...

Well happy belated my man!! 40 is not bad. The crisis will hit in the 50s. Then you must buy a Corvette and chase 20 year old bunnies for ornamentation on your arm.

a bit strange that an event for the Japanese community was pretty much ignored. Perhaps they smelled a rat or a fraud?

Glad the health issues are getting better.

Hit 40 said...

Oh... you found a bunny!! I will have to show Austin tonight. Very cute.

Joe said...

Ummm...Happy belated birthday!

Glad you're feeling better.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthday!

Spank a bunny for me.

Kathy B! said...

Popped over from Hit 40 to wish you a happy 4-0!

I'll be joining you by year's end :)

GreenJello said...

Happy Birthday! And I'm glad your blood sugar levels are normalized. Phew! Scary stuff, that...

Bunnylord said...

All - thank you for the birthday wishes.

Gib said...

I make it a policy to always wish a happy birthday to people older than me - happy birthday!

Marissa said...

Heard it was your 40th birthday (from Hit 40's blog). I'm 43 next month. So far, my 40's have been the best time of my life! I did a post for those turning 40 this year.Hope you had a great Birthday! :D