Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Bunny Day

Technically it's mother's day, and in honor of that I changed the template to better reflect the type of woman I'd like to impregnate. I removed the blogroll because all the cool kids like Jay are doing that. I'll periodically link to other bloggers like Jay in future posts, but otherwise I'll just use my blog reader. The removal of the blogroll, like Jay did, does not mean that I hate you. I may hate you, but don't use that as an indicator.

Ebi-chan won the poll, and so I am extending to her the grand prize - an offer of marriage and her picture on my blog.


Hwang Mi Hee took second place, and as such will receive a consolation prize - an offer of marriage and her picture on my blog.


In closing - Bunny! And Jay.


Captain Dumbass said...

Can I come to the wedding? Dance with the bride?

Jay said...

I guess the first one to say "yes" is the actual winner? Well, then whoever finishes 2nd in that race has a chance to marry me and get her pic posted on my blog. That's fair, right?

Love the new blog header. Very nice.

NYD said...

えびーちゃん always wins your pole.

Leesa said...

Okay, I can get to Jay's blog from yours. That's good enough to keep you in my blogroll.

Sherendipity said...

NYD said "pole". *snicker.*

SJ said...

Can I officiate at the wedding? Like Sarkozy did

Avitable said...

Bunnynet? Seriously?

messiah said...

you better TM that. Or you'll always wish you had.

Grant said...

cda - yes on one and no on two.

jay - whoever answers second can become my alternative backup bride.

nyd - Ebi-chan is the ultra-bunny.

leesa - glad I made the cut.

sher - yes, I noticed that. Tee hee.

sj - you can officiate as long as you include references to at least three religions, preferably Shinto, ancient Greek, and Satanism.

avi - you're just jealous that I beat you to it.

messiah - kind of like with the Giant Atomic Chickens™.

tiff said...

Who could turn down a prize that that?

Grant said...

tiff - apparently every Asian woman I've ever met.

Ricardo said...

The blogroll does not carry the weight it once did as people now do the reader thing and that is much easier. the blogroll does seem old school.