Thursday, May 07, 2009

Asian Girl Fight

I quit taking Japanese lessons because a) I was too sick to attend, 2) I’ll be in debt to the medical community for at least another two years (probably more), and 三) because I had grown tired of the generally cold reception I got from the local Japanese community. And, no, I didn’t run into meetings or restaurants sporting an exposed erection screaming “BUNNY!” At least, not all the time.

When I ditched the lessons I also deleted a lot of links to Japanese blogs and news sites, mostly because I got tired of daily missives about which 10yo girl just made a porno and/or committed suicide. Unfortunately, one of the bloglists I ditched sometimes linked to a site which featured pictures of beautiful Asian women (they may be rude, but they’re still hot). The site, called something like Asian Girl Fight, posted pictures of two cute Asian women weekly and asked readers to vote for their favorite. I thought this would be easy enough to find again, so I searched on “Asian girl fight” expecting to find the one (and only one) site matching that criteria, and – cazart!

Apparently there is a huge need for videos of Asian women slugging it out, and the Internet has all of them. I didn’t watch any, but according to the descriptions they are illegal bare knuckle fights, the more violent the better. Some included blurbs such as “They really go at it towards the end” and “Lot’s of blood – this is a good one.” Personally, I don’t see the attraction, even with my yellow fever. I suspect people who watch those videos would use Million Dollar Baby as masturbation material.

My idea of an Asian girl fight would be two roommates returning home from a hard day of looking cute who strip down to their sexy lingerie and have a pillow fight (unless the porno industry has been lying to me, I understand this is typical among women). After the pillows rupture, showering both with slowly cascading feathers, they would collapse into each others arms, flop on the couch, and lick the sweat from each others’ bodies. Side note – fap fap fap.
Anyway, I wrote all this as an excuse to post bunny pics and start my own Asian girl fight poll. Featured today are Ebi-chan (left) and Hwang Mi Hee (the side not on the left).

Ebi-chan Hwang Mi Hee

Ebi-chan Hwang Mi Hee

Although both are awesome, I think Ebi-chan’s good looks remain despite her attempts to destroy her Japanese-ness (lightening the hair, etc.) whereas Hee’s attempts to look less Korean are definitely a detriment.

Ebi-chan Hwang Mi Hee

Which bunny wins this week’s challenge? If you’re not sure, imagine them naked and in bed and decide who would be on top.


Captain Dumbass said...

Does it matter who wins?

Tracy Lynn said...

Ebi chan gets my vote.

Jay said...

I guess if I had to choose it would be Ebi Chan. But, honestly? I think we're all winners when it comes to choices like this.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Get over the bunny fixation. Easter is over.

Gib said...

Chick on the right by TKO in the 3rd round.

Add jello to the mix, maybe a different result. Only one way to find out...

tiff said...

Ebi - I like her smile.

Grant said...

cda - I plan to e-mail my Bunny Blog award to the winner in the hopes that she abandons her lucrative modeling career to become my sex toy, so yes, it matters.

tracy - she's almost 30 so her career is soon to be over and then she can be mine.

jay - I agree, I would begrudgingly sleep with either or both of them.

eotr - there's always another Easter on the horizon.

gib - just to be sure, we'd better schedule a series of Jello wrestling matches, one for each flavor.

tiff - me too.

GreenJello said...

Ebi-chan has the cutest smile.

Biff Spiffy said...

Another vote for the Ebi. I like her name, smile, and the lack of bling. Oh yah and she's got some other cute features.

On a side note, I have too been here before (maybe under an alias... I didn't want to poison my chances at public office, but I see it doesn't matter anymore).

Grant said...

greenjello - I agree. She's often referred to as the queen of cute.

biff - some people complain about her lack of boobage, but I think she's totally awesome.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I thought just American girls liked to pillow fight. I guess it's universal! ;)

Ricardo said...

Yeah I have read of the high rates of suicide in Japan and it's a total downer that the community wasn't receptive. They would have been a nice way of working yourself in scoring some real bunnies.

Catfight videos and sites are hugely popular so I'm not shocked there's an Asian themed one. How about starting legal Asian bunny fight club that streams the events online?

Hit 40 said...

I love the men who follow you!!

Have you found any other blogs where folks post their unending attraction to asian women?

So funny!

SJ said...

Ebi Chan! Ebi Chan! Ebi Chan!

I guess it's better than those who use Lion King or Finding Nemo as wanking material.

Kerry said...

ok... I've been gone for a week and you're the first person I catch up on. Ebi-Chan is hot!

Grant said...

rll - the language of love (by which I mean lesbian sex) is universal.

ricardo - I've tried to extend an offer to all suicidal bunnies to come to me first so I can use their bodies before they waste them, but so far no takers.

hit 40 - there's a real shortage of bunny blogs on the Internet. Maybe you can help contribute.

sj - Dory was kind of hot.

kerry - having been gone so long, you must have really missed the hot bunnies.

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