Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Important Election Day Info

Asians And Deer - They Look The Same When Your Run At Them Full Speed With An Exposed Erection Yelling PENIS GOOD TIME NOW Demotivational Poster
Good to know.


Anonymous said...


Enemy of the Republic said...

At which polling place?

messiah said...

is that the voice of experience?

Matt said...

Your a fecking genius

SJ said...

Oh deer... please don't doe that.

Grant said...

jgrrl - funny and informative.

eotr - we have a large Asian population in my neighborhood, so it works here.

messiah - years of experience and training have led me to the same conclusion.

matt - it's good to be appreciated in my time.

sj - too late. Deer is so sexy. Venison - I'd hit that.

metalmom said...

LMAO @ sj!!

See? Go do a deer. Bunnies are sure to follow...didja ever watch Bambi?