Monday, November 03, 2008

Breaking News

Overheard from my cubicle:

"The gasoline shortage was a hoax. I mean, that don't make no sense. We didn't have gas, now all of a sudden we do have gas? That was just a scam run by President Bush to make more money."

That's right - the gasoline shortage in the Southeast attributed to low refinery production because of damage caused by the hurricaines was actually a money-making scam perpetrated by the president to personally enrich himself. Remember that you heard it here first. My unknown cube-mate later added:

"I'm voting for Obama because I can't understand nothing McCain says."

- a public service announcement to remind the democrats that you too are in the company of morons. I didn't pick on the republicans because they already have President Bush.





Crys said...

well that's rich.

~Deb said...


Joe said...

Of course, other reports show that that record jump in oil and food prices was caused at least in part by speculation among giant funds seeking quick profits to cover their bad bets on housing.

But I don't believe that because I don't understand nothing it says.

Wait...did you say bunny?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Democracy in action. Oh, so the price of gas was a hoax--how rich did Bush get?

Grant said...

crys - you were probably in on the scam as well.

~deb - actually, I have to charge you a dollar for commenting here.

joe - yes, I did. Bunny!

eotr - conservative estimates say he made at least a bajillionty dollars.

PBS said...

The oil companies made record earnings this quarter. But even their head honchos have some shame, gas prices have fallen. Just paid $2.299 per gallon yesterday and it's dropped lower today. I should have waited, well, maybe not. Carrying a gas can doesn't look like much fun.

SJ said...

I think he just picked on the wrong villain... the way OPEC raises and lowers prices at will is scary.

Kira said...

I have a feeling that those office mates of yours were born around here and just moved to Atlanta after getting their jobs. Sounds like locals to me.

Monogram Queen said...

Hum - i'm shocked. SHOCKED I tell you!