Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It’s the wedding anniversary of two of my bestest best friends ever, Wyrd and Madwanderer. Go to their seldom used blogs and leave some annoyingly cloying wishes for their continued marital success. I hope they get hit with radiation and mutate into lesbian Japanese schoolgirls who like to do video blogs while making out.

Failing that, I hope they stay together. In honor of the occasion, I wrote them a song.

Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary
In the name of Satan

Great – now I’m going to have that feckin’ song in my head all day.


Crys said...

speaking of Asian women, whatever happened to your fave cashier at your fave spot? did you dazzle her with your wordsmithing and admiration of her bunny form?

Monogram Queen said...

Oh Grant, I never knew you were such a romantic!!!!

Happy Anniversary to your friends!

Anonymous said...

I do not know them but I have a feeling that I soon shall, I love happy news!

Being that I am a Jeannie of sorts and your wish does seem perfectly acceptable - I shall do my utmost best to comply...


Kira said...

Awwww...sniff! Grant, that song was soooo beautiful! Thanks!

I just pointed out to Alex that he hasn't posted on his blog in two years. It's dead, Jim. At least mine is just, oh, two weeks, right??? But I can post the best news of today: Alex has his permanent green card now, and we won't have to mess with immigration for ten more years. Life is good.

Oh, and tell me what you want for that third meal :P

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You better copyright that song, Grant...you know everyone will be singing it at a "Red Lobster" any way now.

Oh and happy anniversary to your friends! Marriage is A WHOLE FECKIN' LOT harder than it looks. ;)

Grant said...

crys - I haven't been back. I may wait until I feel stronger.

mq - thanks!

jgrrl - thanks!

kira - make Alex blog again.

pq - you make marriage sound so good.

~Deb said...

My partner and I occasionally make out while posting a blog, but we're not Asian, sadly.

Here's to wishing your friends a beautiful life together!

I'm gonna need a helluva' swig of sake before walking down the aisle next month!!!

Grant said...

~deb - the priest should have shots for you two to do before taking the vows.