Thursday, September 04, 2008


To complete my series on Japanese women, I present the hottest of them all:

蛯原友里 (えびはら ゆり)

And, no, she's not too thin, and yes, she does have a butt. It still counts even though she isn't required by federal law to emit warning beeps when she backs up like some women. You know who you are.

Despite still being Japan's top model, some magazines have been saying (for about a year now) she's past her prime. Somehow, her career continues despite the fact that she's reached the ripe old age of 28 and as the pictures show is now clearly a withered old hag. As an act of the kindest charity, I have decided that I will support her in her old age and allow her to move into my apartment, henceforth to be called the Bunny Ranch. Come here, baby.

I also discovered she has a twin sister. That's right - the hottest woman on the planet comes in a two-pack. Anyone who wants to earn some serious cash can do so by sending me a video of the two of them making out.

In closing - Bunny!


tiff said...

Well, OK. That seals the deal. Hot girls that come in two-packs are by far a better deal than just the one.

Good luck with your new domestic arrangements!

Anonymous said...

Oh darling! I used to have that first bikini in soft pink with pastel ice cream stripes, it was divine!

I think she looks perfectly heakthy and simply glowy too, some ladies are supposed to be thin, I know I am usually...

and , that pink bikini, coupled with that smile! I think I have seen Mecca ♥

I hope your day is going good...

SJ said...

LOLZ Haha your posts are so bunny.

Crys said...


can i just say that

Monogram Queen said...

I think she is cute and she does have a tiny heinie hehe.....

Grant said...

tiff - the spikes on the wall are great deterrents against escaping.

jgrrl - I prefer no bikini with えびちゃん, but she unfortunately insists on wearing something (just not much).

sj - first we gave the world the Waffle House, and now the House of Bunny.

crys - as long as I am alive and blogging we will never be done with hot Asian chicks.

mq - I saw her first, so go get your own. :p

Enemy of the Republic said...

So this is what I've been missing.

messiah said...


there. said it. done.

(but cute nonetheless)

Grant said...

enemy - fortunately you can always go through my archives to see pics that you missed.

messiah - BLASPHEMY! Actually, I've seen untouched news photos of her and she looks just as good. You're just jealous I called dibs on her first.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"You know who you are"

Yes, dammit...I know who I am.

I think my right thigh may weigh more than her entire friggin' body.

Thank God there are guys out there who like some women with a little "junk in her trunk" or I'd end up becoming someones "crazy-old-aunt-that-never-married". Either that or the "crazy-old-lady-with-all-them-cats".


Grant said...

pq - there are guys in Japan who like a lot of junk in the trunk.

Kerry said...

Dang... she's old! lol

I'm sayin the 30's and 40's are still young!