Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Modified Plans

Last night I planned to visit the object of my affection but I wasn't able to stay conscious long enough for dinner. Come to think of it, I haven't managed dinner in about a week. My daily routine is wake up, force myself to have some tea and/or miso soup, go to work if necessary, then come home and collapse. Repeat until dead.

I did get out of bed around 11 PM because the mix of nausea and pain was too much to sleep through, so I dined on a cup of tea with a side shot of whiskey. The results were predictable - increased nausea with less pain - almost a wash, but I managed to sleep again until morning. This morning I awoke and felt better than I had since before I got sick, a feeling that lasted until I got out of bed and realized I wanted to be back in bed. Instead I'm at work, somewhat busy and already exhausted. Hopefully I can manage dinner tonight, but I'm not counting on it.

Also, some further notes on my beloved Chinese bunny. She's the cashier, not a waitress, so I only get to talk to her when placing a to-go order or paying for same. She always wears beige or cream and looks very plain. Her accent makes her sound a bit nasal, but in an upbeat way. I love her dearly. Once, when I had an injured hand, she held and caressed it. Her hands are very soft. With lulck she's facing deportation and will have to marry me out of desperation. It may not be romantic, but I'll be thrilled if it works. Odds are I won't have the energy to visit her until this Sunday, so keep the advice coming or I'll visit your blogs and comment with nasty words and links to pictures of penises, unless you like that sort of thing, in which case I'll leave bible quotes.


Monogram Queen said...

Wishing for deportation problems STAT! Hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! She could learn to love you!

Joe said...

Place an order for delivery and then, when asked what you want, say "The Cashier"

Erm...I just hope she's working when you do that.

SJ said...

Old Testament or new?

tiff said...

Joe's idea rocks ballz.

Can I say that here?

Melinda said...

I am checking your blog to see if you are getting better Grant. (It's a nursey thing. I can't stand it when I know someone isn't well)
You really shouldn't be this nauseated. I think you need to go and see your health care professional again.
You must be losing lots of weight too. I am sure this will fall on deaf ears, but it just doesn't sound right at all.
Your sweet cashier will not marry a skinny, sickly, vomiting man. Well..I wouldn't. Get yourself better now!
Please no penis or bible stuff is required to thank me for nagging you.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn...I was going to say penis links are just fine with me...but then I read the bible quote...so just forget it.

And I find whiskey makes damn near any ailment feel better...:)

Grant said...

mq - she will have no choice but to love me - it's mandatory.

joe - unfortunately they don't deliver and she takes the carry-out orders.

sj - Satanic.

tiff - no. :p Actually, anything goes here, including telling me to find Jesus.

melinda - I'm slowly getting better now that I've escaped the hospital. I was growing weaker in there, so I'm avoiding them like the plague (literally). And all the Asian women I know complimented me on being thin, despite my pale complexion and obvious weakness. They obsess over it more than we do.

pq - except nausea when you haven't had much to drink in a couple of months.

Crys said...

how could she not want to marry you? i am so sure.

Avitable said...

What if I like biblical quotes AND pictures of penises?

Grant said...

crys - that's the spirit! I shouldn't even ask - just assume that she wants to marry me and walk out with her.

avitable - curses! Foiled again.

Enemy of the Republic said...


You sell yourself short. I bet she would love to get to know you. We females are often (not all of course) are very nurturing--we like to take care of people. I bet if you just made it clear to her how lousy you feel, she would come over and cook for you, make sure you eat and rest. Hell, I'm ready to do it for you, and we're just buddies! Take it from me; that is your ace to play. I bet she already thinks you are a great guy.
Now talk to her or give me the phone number of where she works and I will call her and tell her all about you. YOur threat of sending me images of penises and bible quotes doesn't scare me!

NYD said...

I think the Bunny is the cause of the nausea. Pssst, she's poisoning you...

Grant said...

enemy - play the pity angle, eh? I can do that.

nyd - if (when) this goes bad, that's the perfect excuse. "I liked her, but we couldn't make it work. She was trying to kill me."