Monday, April 14, 2008


Since I do not want you being confoozed, I translated my last post into English below. Actually, I let the Altavista Babelfish site do the work for me. Just for fun I translated the Japanese into English, then into Greek, French, English, Chinese (traditional), and back into English.

"In 2008? ? Week I in April lasts 11$oy you and is fkz? ? ; Accepted in the street picture thin zwologjko week garden. The Chilean healthy fire ant is tasty extremely, is. Each is defaire, after? ; . So how many is? ? You want? Wants, you are. The general backstage cotton hard homespun cloth is, only glykame'nos likes. Your you do not apply the grand total. The situation because it is comes the electronic mission to have is accepted is boiling the hot water child, electronic mission rayje."

That makes a lot more sense than the after-French translation that said my e-mail was scratched. And, yes, I do have an occasional penpal whose name could translate into "hot water child" (湯子). That's not so odd considering my J-teacher (日本語の先生) is named "diagonal striped pattern child" (綾子). They just don't have names with serious meanings like we do, by which I mean things like Bubba, Cooter, and Hoss.


Patti said...

Ha haaaa you said "cooter"!

Tai said...

"The situation because it is comes...."

Kinda has a poetic ring to it, no?

metalmom said...

Why ya gotta be an ass?

I laughed until I cried and now Hubs knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have gone bonkers.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

""diagonal striped pattern child"?

They must've been dropping acid when they named her. ;)

Joe said...

How very koan-like. You've really embraced this whole concept, Grant. Well done.

グラント said...

patti - He's cousin Bo's sister's father's brother's son.

tai - it's not as insightful as "You want? Wants, you are." but it has a certain beauty.

metalmom - how is it that he lives with you and didn't already know you are bonkers?

pq - the Japanese frequently pick names based on how pretty it sounds and how the kanji (complex Chinese character) looks. Both names are fairly common in Japan.

joe - thank you. I have achieved a zen state, which I assume means I revel in hatred and obsess over hot Asian chicks.