Friday, April 11, 2008



先週私はチョコレトをGraffiti Zooにちゅうもんした。週末もらった。Chilean Fire Antsがとてもおいしいですよ。しごとのあとでたべる。ともだちのキラさんはたべたいです。Backstage Calicosはまあまあですがあますきです。ぜんぜんもかわない。



metalmom said...

Why can't I read your post? I see lots of squares and I don't mean dorks.

グラント said...

mm - you may see squares, dots, or question marks if your computer isn't setup to read Asian languages. If you care, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the instructions I created for my Japanese class on enabling J-script in Windows.

Kira said...

Yeah. Totally, Grant. Exactly.

metalmom said...

Great! NOW you tell me!

Tracy Lynn said...

I can SEE the Japanese, I just can't UNDERSTAND it. :-)Bastard.

Joe said...

I dropped this into Google's translatory and here's what I got "2008 April 11 last year CHOKORETO I have to be clubbed YUUMONSHITA Graffiti Zoo. I got over the weekend. Chilean Fire Ants are very good. After the TABERU each. Kira's TOMODACHI TABETAI said. Backstage Calicos AMASUKI but is not bad. KAWANAI are not. I SAIKI E-mail to her son in hot water MORAWANAKATTA E-mail from scratch"

You know what? I couldn't agree more.

グラント said...

kira - part of that was about you, but you have to watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer with me to find out what.

metalmom - my latest comment on your site shows the J-characters on my computer, but I'm guessing yours will just show the squares again.

tracy - just grab a J-bunny off the street and make her translate before shipping her to me.

joe - Altavista's Babelfish is slightly better:
2008 April 11th Last week I チョコレト am did also the ちゅ う in Graffiti Zoo. Weekend you received. Chilean Fire Ants is tasty very, is. Every to do, afterwards the べ る. Also as for キラ you want the べ you want, is. Backstage Calicos so-so is, but sweetly we like. You do not apply at all. Occasion because is to come E-mail was not received in the hot water child, E-mail is scratched.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh man...that makes my eyeballs hurt.