Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This is just sad

A 13 year old Japanese schoolgirl committed suicide by jumping in front of a train after leaving a polite note on a nearby bench. She thanked everyone for their support and apologized for not being strong. The article is short - read the details for yourself.

Once again, rather than grow to adulthood and come to America and have sex with me (the first part is optional), a J-bunny has decided to take her own life. I have needs too, you know. Selfish bitch.


Circe said...

I can't believe she was that selfish when 'paradise' was just slightly beyond her girlish grasp! Wimen!!


Patti said...

and she never even got the chance to know you ... doubly sad.

Kerry said...

How sad!

Seriously sad that she felt she needed to do that. Too bad she never knew the love that was waiting for her in the states....

bunbungirl said...

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metalmom said...

And once again it's all about you!

We gotta get you hooked up!!

SSC said...

You are wrong very wrong!! I feel sorry for that girl. Poor thing, even sorrier for her if she slept with you and then jumped in front of the train!!!!!!

Ha couldn't resist.

Kira said...

Okay, so then I followed the link...and spend the next hour reading all the other suicide titles to Alex. Some of them also left notes, too. How considerate!