Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Tuesday

It's 火曜日 and rather than bore you with work notes (THE CAF IS OUT OF MOUNTAIN DEW - MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEES MUST DIE!!!) I thought I would try to accommodate some of your requests.

From Avitable: Which do you find the most frightening and why – a radically fundamentalist Christian, a moderate Muslim, a pretentious atheist, or a Scientologist?

I always find fundamentalists more frightening than anything short of a Giant Atomic Chicken™. When have you ever heard of an Atheist suicide bombing or a Satanic abortion clinic shooting? In high school, a group of rednecks bragged about doing a drive-by shooting on a house full of devil worshippers. Turns out it was just an abandoned house with 666 spray-painted at the base of the driveway, but it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure Jebus is up in heaven thinking about how he’s so happy he died for them.

For SSC and MetalMom: about my weekend.

We had fun. Kira and her husband and cat think no anal sex was involved, but that’s just because I convinced them that the wine I brought has a chloroform-y aftertaste and studies have shown it makes one’s butt sore. We visited a one-room Cherokee museum and I bought a book called “Cherokee Cookin’” – yes, they actually dropped the “g” from the printed title. Did I mention I was in South Carolina? We watched Babette’s Feast because her wussy pre-teen children and couldn’t handle Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (great masturbation material). Mostly it was a weekend of good food – Kira cooked a lot and I got to take home cookies, braised beef, and some potato dishes, so I’m spending a week eating Western foods. I treated us to dinner at the Melting Pot, a great place for fondue if you’re into that sort of thing, and apparently I am. It was my first fondue experience, and it reminded me of doing すきやき or しゃぶしゃぶ where you cook it at the table. Kira thinks she got the better end of the deal (cooking vs. paying for a semi-expensive dinner), but she’s wrong.

P.S. I bought a Lipton Green Tea with Citrus from the caf since there is no Mountain Dew. Bleah. Green tea should not be cold or sweetened, although you'll be glad to know they made this grog without adding any actual fruit juice. At least I opened up a spot which may one day be filled with Mountain Dew.


Leesa said...

The Melting Pot is too expensive for a place where you are the chef. I am sure their chef is sitting back, watching Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and chopping veggies and meat. Was there anything suspicious floating in your fondue pot? Just wondering.

SSC said...

(THE CAF IS OUT OF MOUNTAIN DEW - MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEES MUST DIE!!!) That comment made me laugh really hard.

Anyway I am glad you had a great time and that was very sweet of Kira to cook for you and take goodies home.

As far as the Melting Pot. I love fondue so much. Joe and I had fondue in Bryant Park when I went to NY in Thanksgiving. I haven't gone and I am happy that your reviews were good. So I might just go there tonight for dinner with Red Ranger.

I miss Joe and can't wait to take him. However I don't know if that will be happening anytime soon or ever for that matter.

SSC said...

Oh and thanks for sharing the love with adding my name!!!!

Avitable said...

I think Scientology scares me even more than fundamentalist Christians.

Kira said...

Well, Leesa, I like the place a hell of a lot but some of that is the numerous sauces you have to dip your fondue in...and with the cheese fondue, you just dip your food product in it (they mix it all up for you). Same with the chooolate fondue, actually. I can cook just about anything (EGO! EGO! EGO ALERT!) but it's fun for me to go out and eat fondue, so I was thrilled that Grant was willing to spring for the meal for me, the hubby, and both kids. Good stuff! Even The Picky Eater (my daughter) loved it.

And Grant, yeah, since I actually love cooking, I was very happy to send you home with a cooler full of food in exchange for the cooler full of goodies you brought me plus an awesome meal out. We gonna do that again next weekend? Huh? :)

What is it with me and the word "awesome?" I just have to ask myself that question because I realize I'm saying it way more than usual this weekend. I should have a wider vocab than that. Oh well, screw it. I want to say awesome. So there!

Kira said...

What the hell is Chooolate? I think I meant chocolate....and week, instead of weekend. Next time, I should review my words before I hit post.

Sarcastica said...

I like cold Green Tea better then hot Green Tea....

Metalmom said...

Hubs must get our wine at the same place. Ours has the same chloroform-y aftertaste. I won't tell you how I feel afterwards!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Gotta get me some of that wine. ;)

グラント said...

leesa - I didn't like having to cook my own food at the J-place, but at the melting pot it was more like playing with your food with permission. Granny Smith apple wedges dipped in cheese are fantastic.

SSC - fondue rules. You should dip Joe in hot, bubbling cheese and/or chocolate.

avitable - although freaky, I don't think the Scientologists pose any real threat as long as you keep your couch scotch-guarded. I say this knowing that we will soon hear that a bunch of Scientology suicide bombers took out California.

kira - are you drunk commenting? Chooolate probably has more milk than normal.

sarcastica - BLASPHEMY! Okay, you can have my Lipton's I just tossed out. When you drop by to pick it up, please bring Mountain Dew.

metalmom - aww, that's so romantic. At your stage in the relationship most guys would just bash you over the head if they wanted anal.

pq - they sell it cheap at DateRape-Mart.

Patti said...

You were in South Carolina and I DID NOT KNOW? I am crushed!

Melting Pot is pricey!