Monday, March 24, 2008

Me Meme’s Bettern Yours

Blog memes have been getting increasingly long and boring. Rather than look for a decent one, I’ve decided to create one myself to ensure it is interesting, succinct, and valid for everyone regardless of country of origin. Below, I present – the Multinational By-The-Numbers Meme:

1. Are you an Asian woman? If yes, skip to 10.
2. Let’s learn about you. List your full name and upload a picture of your legal signature.
3. Do you currently reside outside of the United States? If yes, skip to 8.
4. Tell us your home address and days/times when the house is most likely empty.
5. In the space below, trace an outline of your house key.

6. If you have a burglar alarm, what is the passcode?
7. If you have pets, are they cute and cuddly or would a hypothetical burglar need to slip them a sedative? If the latter, what is their favorite food?
8. In order of highest to lowest credit available, list all your credit cards along with numbers and expiration dates.
9. Skip to 11.
10. Come here, baby.
11. And you’re done!

Wasn’t that quick and easy and fun? And best of all, it’s totally free! Really – your participation is thanks enough.

I tag everyone with an annual income of at least 50,000 USD.


Patti said...

Somebody has too much time on their hands *whistles*

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"If you have a burglar alarm, what is the passcode?"

There are no pass codes for our burglar alarm...she's a Pit Bull...;)

~Deb said...

You push the wrong buttons on Stacy's Pitbull, your Asian fantasy is completely shot my friend...or at least, having that fantasy come true!


messiah said...

i wasn't going to answer your meme, until i read question number 7. you can expect answers to some of your questions to arrive shortly.

(good luck with the kitty.)

metalmom said...

1. no
2. not on your life
3-4-5. no
6. The combination is 9-1-1
7. cute & cuddly pitbull wannabe
8. in your dreams,babe!
9-10-11. HA!!

Circe said...

1. nope
2. no and no
3. negative.
4. pulleeze... *rolls eyes*
5. I’ll draw you a horse instead though it will resemble a dog (obviously I suck at drawing)
6. I have attack cats instead
7. See above. Human flesh.
8. negatory
9. ok
10. On my way.
11. Coolio!

グラント said...

patti - actually, this was quick and easy to create.

pq - then 7b sounds appropriate.

~deb - I wonder if we can dress the pitbull as a Japanese schoolgirl.

messiah - question 8 is critical in case you only have time for one.

metalmom and circe - your answers are suprisingly similar. Do you live together? If so, you can post pics of the two of you making out in lieu of payment.

Tai said...

I live in a rusted out 1973 volvo. Occasionally it gets towed, so I suppose I don't have a permanent address, as such.

Also? My camera is broken.

Doug Murata said...

What if you're half Asian and you've been dressed up as a girl against your will at one point in your life?

Not that that's ever happened to me ...

グラント said...

tai - based on your profile pic, you've done a great job of decorating the inside of the volvo. It really gives the illusion of space.

doug - if you're slim enough to fit into the schoolgirl outfit, I can pretend as long as you.

Tracy Lynn said...

Oh yeah, I'll TOTALLY do this meme. *rolls eyes*

SSC said...

Your an ass!